The fourth week of Occupy Wall Street begins today. It has grown so big that it can no longer contain the ten thousand or more people that come to the park regularly each evening. The “people’s mic” or “human mic” has become much more difficult as lines of speeches have to be echoed three and four times so all in the park can hear what people have said. The occupation also needs to keep raising the stakes and escalating the situation to keep up the energy and momentum. And so, today at 3 pm ET part of the encampment will relocate to Washington Square Park.

The location is a few miles away. It may not allow people to make quick marches to Wall Street but it will make it possible for more New Yorkers to take part in the growing occupy movement. This will likely create a debate about whether the action should divide itself but I suspect Liberty Park will continue to be the magnet of attention. Hopefully, organizers in Liberty Park will help divert some resources and speakers to Washington Square if the occupation is successfully launched tonight.

As Amy Goodman reported on Democracy Now!, around 800 cities have people who are attempting to launch occupations. Occupy San Jose and Occupy DC were out sleeping in the parks with no problem last night (though the cops came by at 5 am and woke up everyone in the park). Occupy Austin has, to use a tired phrase, a few bad apples that have made the mood unnecessarily contentious. Occupy Chicago continues to face down police harassment and march in the city. Occupy LA is going strong. Occupy Sacramento is regrouping after the police violated a civil order and came down on occupiers. And, Occupy Boston has become a nicely robust operation.

The group October 2011 continues to hold Freedom Plaza, with permits. It will lose the permits and late Sunday night will have to decide what to do, whether to truly put their bodies on the line and struggle to take the space or leave and perhaps join Occupy DC in McPherson Square.

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Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at


5:51 PM March about to begin from Washington Square. Unpermitted. There are thousands of people in the square. Arrests likely.

5:10 PM FDL Book Salon happening now — Lawrence Lessig’s book Republic, Lost: A Declaration for Independence is the book of discussion. Glenn Greenwald is hosting the book salon. Greenwald mentions Occupy Wall Street in intro to post:

Much pundit ink has been spilled pondering why the OccupyWallStreet protest has grown so rapidly and resonated so widely.  But the answer is really not difficult to apprehend. Our political system is fundamentally broken by corruption and oligarchical control…

5:00 PM PJ O’Rourke’s elitist view of the protesters versus Alan Grayson’s compassionate understanding

4:46 PM OpEdNews has posted video of people right after the pepper-spraying incident (haven’t found video of the act online yet)

4:41 PM Photo posted by Michael Moore (@mmflint) captures the massive turnout in Washington Square.

4:35 PM A song for occupiers:

4:31 PM

4:26 PM Right now, I will consider it a specific, reliable but unconfirmed report. Rep. Allen West of Florida may be pressuring Homeland Security to shut down Occupy Wall Street. No idea if it is true but let’s do like Homeland Security treat it as fact because if he succeeds in his mission to squash dissent he will effectively end this great moment.

4:11 PM New York Times produces another piece of reporting on Occupy Wall Street that is seething with contempt. Businesses and residents are getting angry at the occupiers, so we’re told. Wonder why editors found it necessary to write this piece? Wonder what motivated the production of this article? Is someone from Bloomberg’s office pushing story ideas?

4:06 PM Occupy DC was not maced. October 2011 was maced. They did the action at the Air & Space Museum. October 2011 is being confused with Occupy DC. The occupiers participating in Occupy DC are being upstaged. They are not part of October 2011 but have supported and shown solidarity.

3:58 PM More on the macing of protesters at the Air & Space Museum:

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3:51 PM

3:39 PM Occupy Cincinnati

3:29 PM Lots of media in Washington Square -

Like, FDL’s own Brian Sonenstein, who is live streaming right now. Watch.

3:27 PM The scene at the Air & Space Museum:

via @MiningFile

3:05 PM October 2011 gets pepper-sprayed, at least one person arrested:

2:47 PM New York Post, which tends to publish articles that aren’t even just right wing but are outright fascist, has details on what cops are doing to block Occupy Wall Street (h/t Cahokia):

Cops are already gearing up for what could be an invasion.

They’re fencing off grassy areas in the park, and putting up 10-foot high chain link fences around public bathrooms. Close to 30 cops, nine scooters and three-wheeled vehicles and a van were already stationed at Laguardia Place and West 3rd St., hours before the new protest.

12:48 PM Watch the Occupy St. Louis livestream here.

11:58 AM I shot and edited this video of a march against drone warfare yesterday. It was part of the October 2011 action that is still underway.

11:56 AM via @BrandonTXNeely

11:53 AM Occupy Wall Street gets an endorsement from Fed Up USA, a group involved in the inception of the Tea Party.

11:44 AM Slick Occupy Salt Lake City video

11:23 AM Occupier Kenneth Lipp reports Secret Service had a detail that was following the marchers this morning.

11:19 AM Photo of the start of Occupy DC’s march on the Federal Reserve this morning.

via @Korgasm_

10:47 AM Al Jazeera English’s “Listening Post” examines the media blackout of Occupy Wall Street (which FAIR reports is now being whitewashed).

10:46 PM Dustin Slaughter on his three days with Occupy Boston

9:52 PM The punk rock band Anti-Flag will be playing an acoustic set for Occupy Wall Street later today. Here’s a song of theirs that might be worth playing for the occupiers – “Angry, Young and Poor”:

9:47 AM More heart-wrenching photos from the “We Are the 99 Percent” Tumblr:

9:45 AM Much planned for today in New York. Here are plans for an art show from 3-9 pm:

I am writing to invite you to a remarkable moment. Protest artists from all over the city – and the world – have converged onto #LibertyPlaza. You’ve seen their vast collage of signs, tshirts, video projections and more. Now it’s time to take them to Wall Street:

On Saturday, Oct. 8, for 6 hours only, Wall Street will be occupied with art. Not profiteering or credit default swaps. Not disenfranchising The 99% to prop up an unaccountable elite that peddles in influence over our schools, neighborhoods and public spaces. Just art. #OccupyArt.

The site of this magnificent exhibit couldn’t be more symbolic: the historic JP Morgan House, gutted and left for years to decay as our financial system collapsed. Inside 23 Wall Street, steps from the world’s largest stock exchange, another exchange is happening. A peaceful, non-destructive exchange of creative ideas.

Please come join us from 3-9pm at 23 Wall St. as we, the occupiers of Wall Street, exhibit #NoComment: a pop-up art show inspired by the #OccupyWallStreet movement.


Justin Wedes
An Organizer, NYC General Assemby

9:39 AM Occupy DC will show solidarity with Egyptians with a demonstration in front of the Egyptian Embassy in DC at 2 pm

9:36 AM ICYMI: Rep. Raul Grijalva was quoted by CNN on October 5 and what he said accurately reflects what is happening with Occupy Wall Street. He does not attempt to position Occupy Wall Street as “progressives” finally raising their voices and trying to counter the Tea Party.

This is not an answer to the tea party…This is not about hate. This is not about fear. This is not about division. [It's an effort to] restore democracy to this nation…We are going to fundamentally change the political culture of this nation

9:16 AM About to completely obliterate Ed Schultz’s misconceived notion that Occupy Wall Street is somehow going to be foot soldiers for the Obama 2012 campaign is Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report. He will be joining the occupation some time today. If you haven’t read his piece on Occupy Wall Street, here’s an excerpt:

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crew has identified the beast in his lair – which is a very big deal in the United States, a nation that is the most politically backward and confused in the industrial world due to the endemic racism that is its birthright and that has always thwarted the growth of a strong Left. The Zuccotti Park campers are eons ahead of the faux radicals and “progressives” who, in terror of the Tea Party and Republican presidential clown candidates, will soon return to the Obamite fold in their eternal search for lesser evils. Given that so many of the “old heads” of the Left only a few years ago put themselves at the service of Wall Street’s presidential candidate – a talented and attractive Black man who would become the far more effective evil in facilitating the dismantling of the New Deal – it may be best that they keep their political education classes to themselves.

Once Ford explains how Obama is helping the corporate elite and right wing of this country fully dismantle all social welfare programs in this country, I doubt anyone will be an Obama supporter let alone a “frustrated Obama supporter.” They may be “hold your nose and vote” Obama supporters. But that will be of no help to the Obama for America gang touring across the nation to re-indoctrinate us in Brand Obama.