What to focus on? What to say to summarize and encapsulate all the cacophony of construction, drums, media, people and the occasional shouting so assemblies can be organized? Where to begin? How to unpack all the different people here who all cohere together because they are the 99%?

One might think that what would be fascinating to me would be the many people in the park, the sleeping bags and mattresses strewn about Liberty Park and the fact that there are very few places for someone to sit down. That is all striking but more striking is the presence of media. Between five to ten media trucks are here parked. CNBC has setup a station where occupiers can walk up and speak and be recorded for their broadcast at any point during the day. There are photographers all over the park. There are people with video cameras and they are talking to everyone in the park. The occupiers complained when there was a media blackout—and rightfully so, but now it is safe to bet that there are a number of occupiers bothered by all the media.

Barricades line the park but there is no traffic on the side roads. There are people bringing their families through to see this. Some of the children look scared or frightened and not sure how to process all the activity in the park. The parents may be pointing out messages on signs or trying to explain why people are in Liberty Park but do they even know? If you asked them, could they explain why and also tell their children why American citizens are out here?

I will be live streaming. A march just broke out and a crowd of around 50-75 walked by where I am working chanting, “Unity!” “Love!” “Justice!” I’m taking photos that will be uploaded shortly.

Here is the live blog for today. Follow this Twitter list for the latest updates from Occupy Wall Street and other occupations that have sprung up in the United States.


Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

12:33 AM Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, supposedly visiting Occupy Atlanta tonight to address General Assembly. The GA is discussing how to handle his visit. Watch livestream to hear the deliberation over what to do.

Occupy Athens will help with bail money if people are arrested.

12:26 AM Matt Filipowicz posts this photo of Veterans for Peace members saying they will put bodies in between police and occupiers if Occupy Boston if there is a crackdown

12:18 AM Occupy Atlanta also facing possible police crackdown. They are talking about needing more people to support the occupation and defend against arrests by police. The occupiers are saying something about the mayor of Atlanta coming down to visit Occupy Atlanta. It seems like the mayor wants to communicate they will be allowed to leave peacefully but no person wants to leave.

12:10 AM Cops in riot gear on the scene – at High St and Pearl

11:49 PM Report from Matthew Filipowicz of AlterNet that police have handed fliers to occupiers in second camp warning them that if they do not leave they will be arrested.

11:42 PM Boston Globe reports: “Boston police were warning the more than 1,000 Occupy Boston protesters tonight to leave a large section of the Rose Kennedy Greenway that they occupied earlier and relocate to Dewey Square or a small, adjacent strip of the Greenway.”

Standoff imminent. I’m up late and will continue to post in the blog before crashing from one busy day of covering “occupy” protests.

11:12 PM Occupy Wall Street organizers take the movement uptown to mansions owned by rich bankers on Wall Street. They will march in uptown New York around noon.

11:10 PM Greg Mitchell of The Nation tweets, “A media contact for #OWS tells me Con Ed jackhammers, “coincidentally or not,” set to work next to Zuccotti overnight next two weeks…”

11:05 PM Dave Zirin, sports writer for The Nation, and John Carlos, on the “human mic” earlier tonight

via @michaelkbusch

10:40 PM Video of economist Richard Wolff’s teach-in on Oct 4 posted by Wolff to YouTube in three parts – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

10:25 PM Occupy Boston update: An NLG lawyer says threat of mass arrest and shutting down of the occupation has not happened. One arrest happened today. Occupy Boston has opened a second camp. Twenty NLG lawyers plan to spend night and five more will be on call. Lawyer claims “all is well” at the moment, “for now.”

The rumor going around is that at midnight the Boston Police Department plans to move in and disperse the camp and possibly make arrests if people refuse to leave. Occupy Boston is trying to build up the presence at this second camp that is at risk so that they can possibly deter the BPD from taking action.

5:16 PM The cover of today’s edition of Metro, a free newspaper.

5:05 PM I snapped this photo of Charlie Rangel coming to visit Liberty Park again. (It worked out so well last time. Why not come by again?)

4:53 PM Three arrests today in Liberty Park — two of them had cameras. One was working for a British press agency and the other was taking photos of police badges.

4:49 PM Occupy Chicago will be showing solidarity with Take Back Chicago, a kind of action against bankers that seems to be an annual event for unions. I went to Showdown in Chicago a few years ago. It was a big protest that just let people let loose their anger and frustration. The organizers are likely very glad Occupy Wall Street is happening. It gives what they are doing much more significance.

4:47 PM Protesters can stay in Liberty Park indefinitely, says Bloomberg. But that’s because he expects the snow will bring an end to the occupation. Also, taxpayers likely footing the bill for much of the security so the city’s plan is to just turn New Yorkers against the occupiers. The dull roar of New Yorkers saying, “You made your point, now go home,” and other variations that likely include profanity and slurs seems imminent.

4:40 PM Occupy Boston in “peaceful but tense” standoff on a bridge. Video from Paul Weiskel

4:37 PM Michael Hudson on Obama’s new populist fakery

…On Wednesday, October 4, the president tried to represent the OccupyWallStreet movement as support for his efforts. He pretended to endorse a pro-consumer regulator to limit bank fraud, as if he had not dumped Elizabeth Warren on the advice of Geithner – who seems to be settling into the role of bagman for campaign contributors from Wall Street.

Can President Obama get away with it? Can he jump in front of the parade and represent himself as a friend of labor and consumers while his designated appointees support Wall Street and his Committee of 13 is waiting in the wings to perform its designated function of guillotining Social Security?

When I visited the OccupyWallStreet site on Wednesday, it was clear that the disgust with the political system went so deep that there is no single set of demands that can fix a system so fundamentally broken and dysfunctional. One can’t paste-up a regime that is impoverishing the economy, accelerating foreclosures, pushing state and city budgets further into deficit and forcing cuts in social spending…

4:24 PM Aside from the fact that I think in the fourth week there are already 100,000 standing strong with Occupy Wall Street by participating in small and large demonstrations all over the country, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) wants 100,000 people to stand strong with Occupy Wall Street. The Democrats are welcoming this movement with open arms because they need fresh energy to help them win elections in 2012. They are publicly saying they are going to let this movement speak for itself but they are tactically behind-the-scenes developing ways to channel this energy into the electoral cycle. If this movement allows itself to be corralled into being one about electing better Democrats, it will have failed tremendously. That won’t address systemic problems.

Make no mistake, the Democrats love the idea that the Occupy Together movement could be a liberal Tea Party. That is why Al Sharpton will be down in Liberty Park tonight for the broadcast of his show. It is also why Eric Cantor or Speaker John Boehner must belittle the movement and suggest it is a threat to America. They know if Democrats are able to make these occupiers into an army of useful idiots, like the Republican Party did with the Tea Party, the Democrats will prevent Republican victories at the polls in 2012.

3:56 PM Occupy Boston

<img src=”http://lockerz.com/s/146083647″ width=”400″>

via Paul Weiskel

3:49 PM Van Jones, unintentionally or intentionally, helping the Democratic Party co-opt the Occupy Together movement – in Sacramento

12:26 PM In case you missed it: Ben & Jerry’s supports. Aside from the obvious question of whether they will name a flavor after Occupy Wall Street, here’s another question: Will they be donating a shipment of ice cream to the occupiers?

12:12 PM A news report on the protesters arrested at Occupy Sacramento over the weekend

12:11 PM Des Moines Register report on arrests of 32 Occupy Iowa protesters yesterday

12:10 PM Read copies of the Occupied Wall Street Journal here.

12:08 PM Think Progress reports vulture capitalist Paul Singer is funding journalists to smear Occupy Wall Street

11:44 AM I’m using a Verizon data chip to do work. An older woman just walked up to me and asked if I had wireless access. I said, “Yes, with this,” and pointed out what I have plugged in to one of the USB ports on my laptop. She scoffed at me and said, “Ugh, for the rich, not the 99%.”

11:34 AM

Here is my appearance on Democracy Now!. Here is an intro for the segment:

As the “Occupy” movement expand from the “Occupy Wall Street” protest in New York City throughout the United States, we look its historical significance. “This is an incredibly significant moment in U.S. history,” says Dorian Warren of Columbia University. “It might be a turning point because this is the first time we have seen an emergence of populist movement on the left since the 1930s.” We also speak to FireDogLake blogger Kevin Gosztola who has been reporting from the occupations in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

What an experience and privilege to appear on Democracy Now!. On top of that, what a privilege to be interviewed by a host like Amy Goodman.

The way the set is organized and the table guests are seated at for the show calms you. I was on edge, thinking about how this was my first time on the show, but, once I took my seat and had my hands resting on the table, it was like being in a cafe or dining room and I was ready to drink a cup of coffee and chat with Amy about Occupy Wall Street.

Those details are the personal and for people who are fans of Democracy Now!. As for the content & politics of the segment itself, I really focused on what Occupy Wall Street is not because the media that is down here and commentators coming to Occupy Wall Street are promoting ideas and messages about the occupiers that really confuse or misrepresent, intentionally or unintentionally, the nature and vision of the occupation.