National Bank Transfer Day: Remember, remember the fifth of November

I spent the last ten days traveling the Midwest and delivering supplies to occupations I visited. The donations of supplies were made with money from Firedoglake’s #OccupySupply Fund. I had to put FDL’s premier live blog that I had been operating on hiatus so I could make deliveries and also write about my visits to occupations.

I have finished my tour of occupations in the Midwest and am pleased to announce that the live blog will resume with coverage of today’s National Bank Transfer Day.

I expect this to be a day that rejuvenates many of the occupations. There will be stories coming from occupations that people thought no longer had people participating. It will be a reminder of the fact that the Occupy movement is a broad-based movement with people from not just major cities in the country but people from all over the United States, who support the growth of this movement to put an end to the undue influence of corporations and the top 1% on the US government.

Moreover, National Bank Transfer Day will demonstrate, once again, that this movement is not limited to the US and includes the world. In fact, Occupy Wall Street was inspired by uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Greece and Spain. So, when we talk about the Occupy movement, we are talking about a global uprising of people, who understand we are all in this together and must stand in strong opposition to the ruling class and power elites of the world that have pursued globalization or neoliberalism to an extent that has greatly impacted poor, working class and middle class people all over the world.

FDL’s premier live blog continues. Here is a Twitter list to follow for the latest on National Bank Transfer Day.


Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

12:07 AM From the livestream (and via FDLer TarheelDem), this is an explanation of what happened in Atlanta:

In the park until 11pm; everyone but 3 people left the park and took to the streets in an unpermitted march. This brought out a large motorcycle contingent, horses, riot squad and SWAT team, all watched by a helicopter.

12:04 AM Right now, all looks okay at Occupy DC though there is chatter about a possible raid by police. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, a few dozen were arrested for engaging in civil disobedience as police moved in to disperse them from Troy Davis Park (Woodruff Park). And at one point police did tackle a few to the ground who were apparently not standing off to the side like they were instructed.

11:57 PM Occupy movement now has a commercial airing on television. [In fact, I just saw it on Nickelodeon.]

11:50 PM The distinct difference between the local NBC News affiliate and the Global Revolution livestream is that NBC stands where the police tells the press to stand. They record the demonstrators being escorted off peacefully by police, a perp walk that Big Bank executives thus far have managed to obstruct and prevent from happening to them. On the other hand, the Global Revolution livestream is unembedded and right where the demonstrators are who are risking arrest. In fact, the Global Revolution camera person caught the Atlanta police pouncing on a few occupiers like a pack of wolves. Only when this action had already happened did local news rush over to try and get some shots. But any brutality had already happened.

11:25 PM Local NBC affiliate in Atlanta has live feed of action in Atlanta. The live feed shows riot cops, caution tape and police on horses coming in to disperse occupiers.

11:16 PM @OccupyArrests current tally of those arrested at Occupy protests: 3269

10:20 PM Tonight, it looks like the occupations to watch are going to include Occupy Atlanta and Occupy Tulsa (h/t FDLer TarheelDem). I will be watching them both closely and I am going to add a livestream for Atlanta into the blog.

10:15 PM Occupy Boise now has an encampment. The occupiers have agreed to terms with city, one of the terms being only 15 occupiers will be permanent occupiers at a time. They will abide by this agreement until Occupy Boise can provide more services. [Discuss.]

9:58 PM ABC News - 1 million Americans have moved money out of Big Banks (video)

9:55 PM AP publishes a report on second Iraq War veteran brutalized by police at Occupy Oakland

9:51 PM Of note from’s “Occupations Report” posted yesterday is this excerpt from the blurb on Occupy Boston (h/t FDLer ny40something):

…Yesterday Occupy Boston passed a resolution banning two members – Paul Carnes and Sydney Sherrell – from representing Occupy Boston. The resolution was passed by consensus by the General Assembly of and was distributed along with a list of grievances against Paul Carnes and copies of receipts from various transactions he paid for with Occupy Boston funds. Carnes and Sherrell had previously been banned from the Financial Accountability Working Group (FAWG) for inappropriate handling of funds and unsavory behavior. The grievances claim Carnes went to Occupy Cleveland, claiming to have been sent from Occupy Boston, and to be a representative of the National Lawyers’ Guild, and attempted to claim vertical leadership there. The group also says both Carnes and Sherrell set up a series of fundraising sites purporting to be for Occupy Boston among other occupations but are not part of FAWG.

10:47 PM Why she died appears to be currently unknown but CTV is reporting a woman in her 20s died in her tent at Occupy Vancouver.

10:40 PM Occupy Wall Street: 20 arrests reported today in front of state courthouse. The demonstrators assert they were on public sidewalk and the police had no right to tell them that they were blocking pedestrian traffic because as far as they concerned they are pedestrians.

9:35 PM Rebuild the Dream has managed to get more than 50,000 people to pledge to close their accounts at Bank of America, Chase and Citibank (and 24,000 people have pledged to close their accounts at other Big Banks)

8:53 PM Occupy Oakland (via @outinthespere)

8:46 PM Nation event featuring William Greider, Naomi Klein, Michael Moore and Rinku Sen at The New School in New York on November 10 (which I may be able to attend and live tweet).

7:58 PM Occupy Des Moines: A couple went into a Wells Fargo to close their business account

…Among those entering the bank were Cat Rocketship and her husband, Scott Kubie, who closed their business account with Well Fargo — a key message of the social media-sparked “National Bank Transfer Day” initiative.

“It seems incongruous to have our money in a big bank while our business supports buying locally and the community,” Kubie explained.

“What are we paying these people for? I understand paying someone for innovation, but anyone can look at a spread sheet and say if we quit paying people, we’ll make more money.”

With all this push for people to move their money, how are credit unions faring?

Although Saturday was dubbed “National Bank Transfer Day,” credit unions in Iowa and throughout the country have received massive benefits in the weeks prior to the actual day of awareness and demonstration. The Iowa Credit Union League reports that its affiliates have gained $49 million in new deposits and 7,000 new members since the beginning of September. Nationally, credit unions have gain 650,000 customers and added $4.5 billion in new accounts during that same time, according to the Credit Union National Association.

(Oh, and, yes, I did notice her last name is Rocketship and her first name is Cat.)

7:47 PM Dallas police use pepper spray on Occupy Dallas during an action outside of a Bank of America branch

7:41 PM Three arrests at Occupy Riverside action at a Chase Bank branch (in California)

5:13 PM MSNBC’s John Schoen has a post about National Bank Transfer Day and how those withdrawing money won’t get a greater return on their money in credit unions. This is the type of commentary you get from corporate news commentators like Schoen, who just crunch the numbers and have no care for ethics or social justice. The people withdrawing money don’t want to be connected to criminal Big Banks anymore. Whether they lose a little money or not, in the long run they will have dignity and respect and the knowledge that they are not complicit.

5:11 PM And, the intersection is cleared. Protesters have left but not before right wingers had enough time to tweet their hopes of seeing them run over by drivers trying to get through the intersection.

5:05 PM At 5th & Pine intersection, Occupy Seattle protesters are holding a sit-in. Global Revolution has a livestream from the unfolding action. They are discussing banks & credit unions.

About two dozen are blocking the intersection.

4:56 PM Some music for today (via FDLer SouthernDragon). The song is “Direct Action” by Utah Phillips & Ani DiFranco:

4:53 PM Four arrests during Occupy Wall Street’s Bank Transfer Day march. (Not sure for what yet.)

4:46 PM The Guardian, which is typically produces very good data journalism projects, has posted a map providing details on America’s poorest poor. It illuminates the best and worst cities. In the Midwest, Detroit is the worst with a poverty rate increase of 13%. In New York and Northern Jersey, the poverty rate actually decreased. Houston experienced a 5% increase in the poverty rate. In the West, Los Angeles’ poverty rate actually decreased 4.4% while in Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale increased the most (1.8%).

4:41 PM Occupy Chicago has Family Day in Grant Park

4:40 PM Report from Occupy London that 200 people were kettled at Parliament Square. There were a few arrests, possible cases of police brutality.

4:28 PM MoveOn joins in the Occupy Denver protest for National Bank Transfer Day, prompting one long-time occupier to comment, “We welcome all groups, but we ask that they don’t make it about the candidates and keep it about the issues.”

4:26 PM Occupy Santa Rosa picket four national banks

4:20 PM More than 200 people with Occupy Portland (in Oregon) leave citizens’ arrest warrants at Wells Fargo,  US Bank and Chase bank branches

4:19 PM Los Angeles Times covers Occupy LA’s action today to mark National Bank Transfer Day:

Hundreds of protesters vented their frustration with Wall Street Saturday in a march through downtown L.A.’s financial district that at one point erupted into a pushing and shouting match with a counter-protester…

…Things turned tense when Mario Brito, an organizer with Occupy L.A., took to the microphone and was interrupted by a counter-protester who grabbed the microphone and yelled, “Mario, are you still a member of the Communist Party?”

2:43 PM RT’s report on Bank Transfer Day (video)

2:40 PM Occupy Wall Street march is moving to Foley Square and past City Hall. Reports from Democracy Now! Ryan Devereaux and @Newyorkist indicate things are going smoothly. The police presence is light in comparison to other actions and the NYPD is being cooperative with demonstrators right now.

2:37 PM On the bailout of Canadian banks (scroll down the post for the details)

2:31 PM Chicagoist reports on what Occupy Chicago is doing for National Bank Transfer Day

1:34 PM Occupy Streams: go here for a live stream from many of the occupations engaging in actions today

12:57 PM As St. Louis occupiers participate in National Bank Transfer Day, it is worth noting Mayor Francis Slay wrote a blog yesterday indicating if has anything to do with it Occupy St. Louis will be over soon.

…I know, and the Occupy participants know, that they cannot stay there forever. Bad weather and other programming for Kiener Plaza are racing each other to mark the end of their tenure.

The City’s Parks Department has prepared a list of ordinances and regulations which it believes Occupy is in current violation. We will present that list to Occupy…

12:12 PM This is being circulated right now (although posted a while ago): list of banks that were bailed out from CNN Money.

12: 10 PM Both Occupy Tulsa and Occupy Seattle participating in National Bank Transfer Day with planned actions.

11:38 AM This morning Occupy Raleigh startled Bank of America. BofA called the cops right away on protesters.

11:30 AM The 99% of St. Louis march on Bank of America on the eve of National Bank Transfer Day (video)

11:28 AM Anonymous’ video for OpCashBack or National Bank Transfer Day

11:25 AM Occupy Baltimore is out demonstrating at a Wells Fargo bank branch. The occupation is calling on people to support the city’s lawsuit against Wells Fargo for “illegal racist lending practices.”

11:24 AM A Big Banks Funeral march has been planned by Occupy San Diego. And, Business Week reports on Occupy Providence’s plans for the day