Dorli Rainey, 84, was on her way to what she calls a “boring” Transportation Meeting when she saw helicopters flying around. She thought they were out for a nearby Occupy Seattle action and headed to the scene. Rainey joined Occupy Seattle for a demonstration and ended up being pepper-sprayed.

She appeared on “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann last night and told her story:

I stood around there with my friends and we were just deciding that we were stayed there long enough and we might go on. Well, we’re not a secret society and when somebody says, ‘Mic check!” everybody can hear it. And the cops also knew that we were on the verge of leaving. Just at that moment the bike patrol came up and shoved bicycles into the crowd moving them into the center and simultaneously they let go of the pepper spray and the pictures you can see where the pepper spray came all over…

…I got pepper sprayed and shoved and thank heavens there was a wonderful young Iraq veteran who stood next to me—He grabbed me as I stumbled as people were pushing. People couldn’t see where they were going. The cops kept pushing with the bicycles. The space we were in got smaller and smaller and we were really penned in. And the young man really stabilized otherwise I would have been on the ground trampled.

The entire interview is filled with wisdom from a woman with much experience from participating in all the great populist movements in the past half century. It is quintessential viewing, especially the part where she describes boarding a bus and having the opportunity to educate a bus of Seattle residents horrified that she was pepper sprayed.

It also is unusual because Olbermann keeps quiet and listens. He doesn’t interrupt Rainey to ask questions or steer her in another direction. He allows the stream of consciousness to happen, which a pundit like Ed Schultz or maybe Piers Morgan would never do.

Update: And, if you cannot get enough of Dorli Rainey, Democracy Now! also interviewed her.