Days after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered NYPD to carry out the eviction of Occupy Wall Street from Liberty Square, occupiers are engaging in a massive international day of action. Part of their plans involves shutting down Wall Street this morning when the market opens. Another part of their plans involves “occupying the subways”—boarding trains in different boroughs of the city to take the message of the Occupy movement to the people.

The day of action was planned well-ahead of the raid (here is a video of the call to action). The bold nature of the plans (“Shut down Wall St!”) likely freaked out the city, as it has seen how powerful the movement has become and that they are capable of turning out thousands of people.

Today, Occupy Wall Street marks its two-month anniversary. The march has taken off for the New York Stock Exchange. It left from the park, paused at the red cube and is moving onward to get as close to the NYSE as possible.

As of 7:09 PM, access to Wall Street had already been obstructed by police. Press in and around the NYSE are being told the area is a “frozen zone.” A huge police presence has already formed. There are mounted police. The area is gated and journalists are being tossed out (some are being encouraged to relocate to a “press pen”).

Firedoglake’s premier live blog continues now. Here is a Twitter list to follow for the latest news on the day of action. All times are ET.


Watch live streaming video from owsnyc at

1:15 PM This blog will close down between 2 and 2:30 pm and a new blog will go up to follow “Occupy the Subways” and march across Brooklyn Bridge.

12:37 PM RT report that features discussion of LRAD that was used by the NYPD during the protests this morning. Lucy Kafanov talks about more repression of the press by the NYPD. An IndyBayArea reporter was arrested. Kafanov says it feels like a “militarized police zone.”

11:23 AM In wild scene, occupiers take down barricades. The police are unprepared for this, but forces are on the scene quickly. CNN reporter is on the ground reporting live when this begins to unfold. A camera shows two people being pulled out of crowd to be arrested. Occupiers swarm the area where a confrontation happens. There is pushing and shoving by police. The scene calms but crowd remains near where barricades were removed.

11:06 AM Ryan Devereaux of Democracy Now! has a series of tweets that details police action against protesters:

10:44 AM

10:27 AM @LiborVonSchonau has this photo of a scene of protesters still down by Wall Street. Police threatening this group with arrest.

10:22 AM LRAD used on occupiers

10:13 AM “All day, all week, Occupy Wall Street!” being chanted. Occupiers figuring out where to go in area on Broadway not far from Liberty Square. The plan is supposedly to return to the park now for a victory rally at 10:30 am:

9:58 AM Glenn Greenwald has written a post that praises Firedoglake for its Occupy Supply campaign. He mentions the work that I have been doing and the tireless work that Ryan Cook has been doing to help ensure supplies get shipped to occupations.

An excerpt on why Greenwald appreciates Occupy Supply:

…What makes this activism particularly impressive is that it is designed to build an ongoing and highly effective support network. Rather than indiscriminately dumping the clothing at various encampments, FDL has built a network of liasons and representatives to ensure that it goes to the places that need it most, and that it reaches those who will use it for its intended purpose: primarily, the “sleeper” protesters, largely impoverished, who form the backbone of the camps. Beyond that, FDL has expended great efforts to ensure that the goods it distributes are manufactured not in Chinese sweatshops but rather entirely by American unions — a difficult challenge in this age of disappearing American industry — which in turn ensures that the workers producing the products enjoy health insurance, living wages, and a decent standard of living: aims of the Occupy movement itself…

9:56 AM Arrests continue. @AllisonKilkenny has another photo:

9:48 AM One thought: all those being arrested now will likely be unable to “Occupy the Subways” at 3 pm or participate in action this evening that will likely involve crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The police are likely to hold arrestees in jail until late tonight when action has died down.

9:30 AM Opening bell rings, however, indicates that the occupiers never intended to stop the bell or delay the bell.

9:25 AM No delay for opening bell? More barricades going up at NYSE.

9:18 AM Retired Philly police captain Ray Lewis just arrested by NYPD. He was given opportunity to get off the street (more than they did for other people). He walked off upright in true captain-like fashion.

9:15 AM Looks like Occupy Wall Street may have succeeded. Reports of the morning bell being delayed. Rumor?

9:06 AM CBS livestream features good aerial view of the scene.

9:00 AM @JoshHarkinson tweets —

8:58 AM More photos of arrests from Lucy Kafanov:

8:54 AM Another livestream from the scene via @TheOther99.

8:50 AM Protesters sit down in street. A police officer walked over and laid a man face down on the pavement and made an arrest. Occupiers sitting in the street are now subject to arrest.

@mtracey tweets this photo from somewhere in the area. It is of an NYPD commander informing protesters they do not have a “parade permit” and are subject to arrest.

8:48 AM Protesters are sitting in the street at Exchange & William (via @allisonkilkenny)

8:45 AM Police are pushing people on to the ground at Hanover & Wall St. (via @VOCALNewYork)

8:44 AM Police are moving in on crowd. There are arrests being made (via @LucyKafanov):

8:37 AM Cynthia Kouril is blogging at myFDL too. She notes that Occupy Wall Street is calling out Mayor Bloomberg for spreading disinformation. OWS does not intend to shut down subways. They do not intend to block bridges, which the city is suggesting.

8:25 AM A small group is sitting down in the street (via @ajecathturner)

And, here is another photo of the crowd (via @AACina):

8:21 AM

7:33 AM Police set up a checkpoint at Broadway and Cedar (via @allisonkilkenny)

7:29 AM J.A. Myerson tweets this photo:

7:20 AM The march is headed to the NYSE.

7:15 AM Tony Danza is sighted talking to an NYPD officer (via @katz)

6:50 AM