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Lt. Pike, the cop who pepper sprayed UC Davis students protesting against economic inequality and injustice in America, is now the poster boy for authoritarianism against citizens rising up to change the world.

Lt. Pike appears at the Flint, Michigan sit-down strike. There he tries to stop workers from forming a major labor union.

At the Boston Tea Party, a fierce act of rebellion against the British merchant class, Lt. Pike stops by to crash the party.

He appears at the signing of the Civil Rights Act. The signing of the legislation, to Lt. Pike, will upend the social order in America and must be stopped.

The unemployed wait in line for some free soup. These are some of the most poor people suffering under the Great Depression. Lt. Pike oppresses them even more. He doesn’t believe in handouts.

Jesus Christ is having his Last Supper. Lt. Pike cannot leave him alone.

In the Star Wars universe, he steps into the middle of a domestic dispute between father and son. He doesn’t think the father can handle it so who does he pepper spray? Of course, the man’s son, Luke Skywalker.

Seriously, though—Doesn’t the above photo say it all? About the state of freedom and justice in America? The replacing of Lady Liberty with Lieutenant Pike? A goddess of freedom with a torch representing progress and a tabula rasa representing the law is replaced by an oafish police officer holding a canister of pepper spray.



Just spotted Lt. Pike at Abbey Road.

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