The pre-trial hearing for Pfc. Bradley Manning concluded yesterday after the defense and prosecution delivered closing arguments. The defense characterized Manning as a “young and idealistic” man in his early twenties who had a “strong moral compass” and who wanted to change the world. The prosecution characterized Manning as a person who had betrayed the military and aided enemies of the United States like Al Qaeda by releasing information to WikiLeaks that terrorist groups could access on the Internet.

I attended every day of the hearing at Fort Meade. I was a member of the media with credentials, which meant I was able to cover the hearing from the media operations center and produce very detailed accounts of what was said during every hour of the hearing.

I appeared on Democracy Now! this morning to do a wrap-up on the hearing. In the segment, I generally talk about the closing arguments, Adrian Lamo’s testimony, being part of the media pool covering the hearing and what it means that the US government is accusing Manning of aiding Al Qaeda.

Much thanks to Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez and the producers of Democracy Now! for having me on the show.