8:51 PM Occupy San Diego demands San Diego police chief resign, alleges he has allowed police brutality of occupiers

8:38 PM Former state assemblyman Ed Fallon in Iowa urges Democrats to cast uncommitted vote (I interviewed Fallon when I visited Occupy Des Moines in October.)

7:09 PM The NYPD – dark lords of the Sith.

6:00 PM Earlier this morning this blog inexplicably began to cover the idiocracy of America, as personified by Al Roker and Shaun Robinson. They hosted the Rose Parade. Now, here’s a video from TPM presenting the pundit class in all its idiotic glory.

5:33 PM The OccuPus! – giant octopus float Occupy had at the Rose Parade (video). Plus, here’s a slideshow of photos of occupiers.

5:30 PM Huffington Post has over 50 photos from today plus a write-up on some of the Rose Parade action

5:24 PM On Occupy Oakland participants who are still in jail:

5:15 PM Allison Kilkenny on the rush to archive Occupy: Smithsonian Institute and the New York Historical Society plan to collect materials.

5:10 PM Is there any space where Occupy Wall Street can exercise their right to peaceably assemble without violation from police or property owners who use their power in a community to use the police to throw out peaceful citizens simply holding meetings? Watch this video that shows the police clearly doing the bidding of a property owner, who decides he does not want Occupy organizing on his property. Is that even a choice he can make when the space is to be “Open to the Public”? The owner thinks so and the police tell OWS that if they want to challenge the owner they can be arrested and go before a judge tomorrow.

4:53 PM Actress Ellen Barkin blasts NYPD’s handling of protesters on New Year’s Eve (of course, we can surmise had Barkin not been inconvenienced we never would have heard a peep from her on police abuse and misconduct).

4:50 PM Host of the Rose Parade responded to my tweet:

2:57 PM Highlights from Occupy the Rose Parade (via TarheelDem): guy rode a bicycle with television on his head, OTRP peacekeepers were on hand in yellow reflective vests that said 99% on them, a lead banner announced the float was #44 in the parade, a group of “tent monsters” were present, a Billionaires.org “Job Creators” unit with Dixieland jazz band played “I’m in the Money” as they marched, there were many, many homemade signs, a May 1st General Strike banner was at the march, a family with a Rose Parade float built on a child’s wagon with children in the wagon was present and there was a sign on the front that read “Occupy Life” and on the back “Free Speech is not Bribery.” Also, there was the 70-ft in diameter giant octopus.

2:45 PM Gothamist reports on Brookfield Properties’ assertion that Zuccotti Park needs “beauty rest” so OWS not allowed right now

2:43 PM Riot police at Occupy the Rose Parade (via @joelssucks)

2:40 PM AP report on Occupy the Rose Parade:

The thunder of the retreating marching bands mingled in the air with chants of “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out” as the Occupy the Rose Parade demonstrators retraced about 1.5 miles of the 5.5-mile parade route before veering off for a rally near City Hall

1:01 PM And, as expected, the coverage of the Parade ended without showing the occupiers. You can watch OakFoSho broadcast what the media could be airing.

12:43 PM Militant Christians or followers of Fred Phelps are on hand to disrupt Occupy the Rose Parade’s effort to march at the end of the Rose Parade.

12:42 PM AIDS Healthcare Foundation wins the award for best use of roses. It is a tribute to the late actress Elizabeth Taylor’s advocacy against AIDS.

12:27 PM “View from the Constitution” – @SuzanneOKeeffe

Also, from Suzanne – tent monsters get ready to march

12:21 PM Dole has a float dedicated to preserving paradise. It has a tiger and elephant. Hosts said was a top entry in today’s parade.

A note: They may be committed to protecting paradise but the people who work in this “paradise,” the workers especially the trade unionists, are likely targeted for summary execution in some instances.

12:18 PM This just in: as Japanese marching band goes by, Roker informs us that what is great about Japan is that Japan appreciates American culture

12:07 PM Occupiers are getting into position to march. Quick note: NBC is unlikely to air the marching occupiers, as they are not part of the parade but will be following along behind the parade. The people at the Rose Parade will likely see them. But, Americans all over who are tuned in are not likely to see them unless they know of a UStream.

12:04 PM China Airlines has the most beautiful entry. The entry is a huge dragon. “I can’t understand why this dragon is so agitated unless he’s getting stopped at TSA checkpoints” says Al Roker.  (cue rimshot)

11:58 AM Paramount Pictures float rolls by. Fireworks go off. Has the gate to Paramount, a bumblebee Transformer and also the Enterprise from Star Trek.

11:56 AM Rotary International float has giant inchworm. The float celebrates the club’s commitment to ending polio.

11:49 AM Marching band composed of high schools from Los Angeles playing rousing version of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.”

11:48 AM The Idiocracy of America is being represented well today by Robinson and Roker. The Wisconsin Badgers mascot is clearly a guy Roker says and, laughing, he says he is not wearing any pants.

11:43 AM It is 72 degrees this morning in Pasadena. The hosts say it is so great that the weather in winter is about thirty degrees hotter than it was last year. Why fret about climate change when you get to break a sweat outside while watching the Rose Parade in winter?

11:40 AM As float with a knight on a steed came by, the duo of Robinson/Roker hosting the parade on NBC actually followed up a joke with a “ba-dump-bump.”

11:33 AM Another photo from “OakFoSho”

11:31 AM Macy’s float just came by with Tournament of Roses Queen.

11:26 AM Here is a collection of live video streams to watch if you want to follow “Occupy the Rose Parade” – OccupyFreedomLA / RoseParadeLive / OccupyUnity / Occupy Oakland (h/t dharmaburning)

11:24 AM The Horse Calgary Detachment is parading. Roker comments that this is part of what makes the Parade great. “You get a sense of history.” Yea, aren’t these the guys that massacred Native Americans as colonists headed way out West?

11:15 AM I’ll also be posting on the Rose Parade itself. Thus far, we have seen how this is just as much about celebrating the New Year with a festive parade and a football game as it is about letting the military industrial-complex show off its toys. A stealth bomber flew over to begin the parade.

The punchy hosts – Al Roker and Shaun Robinson – have been peppering coverage with the corniest of corny jokes. Roker informed viewers they will be “twittering” (not to be confused with tweeting). So, if you aren’t getting enough of this duo as you watch the Parade today, see their “twitters” on Twitter and remember to “retwitter” if you like what they have to say.

11:00 AM Via @grantslater – This is a photo of one of the giant octopus’ “eco-friendly” tentacles.

10:55 AM Known livestreamer “OakFoSho” posts a photo of the “raising of the Constitution” from moments ago

And here are OTRP peacekeepers (also from “OakFoSho”)

10:45 AM A march over the weekend in Bloomington left three officers hurt. There were three people arrested. After this incident, the mayor of Bloomington says he is reconsidering allowing Occupy Bloomington to remain in the People’s Park where they have been for months.

10:40 AM Ten people were arrested last night as people camped out in anticipation of the Rose Parade. Six of those arrests were for being “drunk in public.” None of these arrests appear to be of occupiers, who also took this opportunity to have a presence and camp because every night prior to the Rose Parade people are allowed to camp out.

Buzz surrounding the Occupy movement’s plans to “occupy” the Rose Parade has been steadily building for the past days. What has drawn the most attention is the giant octopus float that “Occupy the Rose Parade” plans to march with behind the tail end of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, this morning.

Firedoglake’s David Dayen wrote a comprehensive and insightful post on plans for the Rose Parade:

Today, after the floats and the marching bands and Grand Marshals and all the other pomp and circumstance crosses Colorado Avenue in Pasadena, California, marking the end of another Tournament of Roses Parade, over 1,000 activists will stage their own march. The protesters even have their own floats, including a massive 250-foot rendering of the Constitution of the United States and a 70-foot octopus made out of plastic bags symbolizing the predatory nature of the financial industry and the tentacles they use to strangle the nation’s economy taking the riches for themselves. At the end 99 activists representing the 99% will carry one member sitting on a throne, representing the 1%.

The alternative march, known as Occupy the Rose Parade, will happen in full view of the attendees in the stands who will be asked to remain seated as the protesters promenade down the avenue. It’s part of a larger movement featuring remnants of the core of several Southern California occupations as well as disaffected activists, all struggling to figure out how to advance what burst onto the scene this fall and best achieve meaningful political and social change.

Dayen details how the activists, who have planned the action this morning, have been media savvy and how there is actually a long history of protest action happening in some form at the Rose Parade. He mentions occupiers will be appearing with some well-known activists: antiwar Gold Star Mother Cindy Sheehan (appearing as the not-Grand Marshal), public banking advocate Ellen Brown, musician Michelle Shocked and three-time Congressional advocate Marcy Winograd. He also notes the planned action has gotten the attention of of a prime target of the Occupy movement, Wells Fargo.

…OTRP has gotten the attention of one of the lead sponsors of the Rose Parade, Wells Fargo. When they rehearsed their protest last week, Thottam explains, the head of community banking from the financial giant called them several times, and a meeting between Wells executives and OTRP protesters has been tentatively set for mid-to-late January. Thottam pointed out that 6 of the 43 floats in this year’s parade come from the financial services industry, as well as the increased militarization of the parade, with Air Force flyovers and other accoutrements. “The parade is a metaphor for how the nation has been co-opted by a Fortune 500/military/industrial/Congressional/media complex,” Thottam said. “This is a perfect place to protest.”

Firedoglake’s premier live blog continues now. This post will be specifically tracking “Occupy the Rose Parade” today (but other stories that may occur will be covered too). All times are EST. Updates will appear at the top of the post. Email [email protected] with any news tips, questions or updates.