10:10 PM Known Ustreamer OakFoSho reports possible raid on Occupy Oakland vigil – watch live stream here.

10:08 PM Police revoke a permit for a teepee at Occupy Oakland

10:03 PM Gothamist on the OWS protester charged with stabbing a police officer with scissors

7:33 PM OWS is defending their right to assemble at 100 William St. Security has handed them copies of the space’s “Rules & Regulations..” @NewYorkist reports: “A few cops hanging out in an unmarked white van with tinted windows, on William St side. Think they had TARU jackets on.”

7:30 PM 7 arrested at the Grand Central station “mic checking” against NDAA

7:28 PM Global Revolution’s Manhattan studio about to be raided?

6:48 PM Wired‘s “Danger Room” on the military’s freakiest “non-lethal weapon” ideas: an “Impulse Swimmer Gun” & a taser that would “substantially increase the duration of disabling effects.”

6:45 PM Report: one woman detained at NDAA protest at Grand Central station.

6:17 PM WikiLeaks Truck is for sale.

5:48 PM Truthout has this report from Mike Ludwig on “Occupy the Caucus” in Iowa. There have been 62 arrests during a week of action where occupiers have been working to show none of the candidates running for president represent the 99%.

5:40 PM After an arrest at the beginning of the action, the Grand Central station “mic checking” of the NDAA appears to have gone well. They have mic checked a script for the action three times. (However, occupiers have yet to leave Grand Central so suppose anything could happen.)

5:14 PM Sgt. Shamar Thomas at the NDAA protest at Grand Central station (via @allisonkilkenny)

5:07 PM Woman who started the “mic check” arrested it seems immediately. Tune in now to the live stream as police disperse protesters. They are shouting, “They can’t arrest us all!”

Also, here’s a tweet from Allison Kilkenny sent just as “mic check” action was about to begin:

5:05 PM From moments before the planned “mic check” of the NDAA at Grand Central Station, here’s a photo showing police waiting for protesters (via @DiceyTroop)

4:52 PM Adam Martin has posted a story with the latest details on the targeting of the Global Revolution media crew, who have been doing media coverage of Occupy Wall Street actions since the first days of the occupation.

…Police have apparently just raided the Brooklyn studio of Globalrevolution.tv and taken some of the project’s key volunteers into custody.

The raid Tuesday follows a notice to vacate that police delivered to the Bushwick studio on Monday night. Victoria Sobel, a Global Revolution volunteer, said Vlad Teichberg and a guy named Spike, both of whom maintain the live feed aggregator, had been taken into custody by police, along with four or five others.

4:41 PM Andy Stepanian, who spoke outside of Sen. Schumer’s office, was “arrested & charged for terrorism for organizing a march against a corporation.” He was sent to federal prison.

@jopauca tweets his story, which he told as part of the day of action against the NDAA. “”I was transferred to a secret communications unit in Illinois. The majority in there were Muslim…One man in there built an orphanage. During the Clinton administration, he & his group were supported…During the Bush administration, he & his group were deemed terrorists. He was subsequently sentenced to 25 years in federal prison…The man said the 1 thing the U.S. government could not take away was his love for his son…The comm unit I was held in was just one that existed at that time. Now there is one in Indiana and another in Texas.”

4:33 PM Iranian progressives on Occupy Wall Street: a collection of opinions.

I find what Mohsen Hakimi has to say about Occupy Wall Street’s weaknesses worth considering:

* This movement is still not organized, self-conscious, and connected to a movement of employed workers…

* The Occupy Wall Street Movement still considers capital not as a social relation but as merely a financial power concentrated in banks…

* The Occupy Wall Street Movement lacks a charter, a minimal set of demands…

Read more: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/tehranbureau/2012/01/comment-iranian-progressives-respond-to-occupy-wall-street.html#ixzz1iQwkVwaj

4:20 PM Anti-NDAA mic check about to happen at Grand Central Station

4:17 PM Occupy Wall Street “mic checked” NDAA at President Obama and Rupert Murdoch outside Fox News headquarters on 6th Avenue & 48th St.

4:15 PM Outside Sen. Schumer’s office, Andy Stepanian shares Abu-Sayyaf’s story of detention on bogus terror charges (via @DiceyTroop)

2:32 PM Now Occupy Wall Street is outside Sen. Schumer’s office protesting his vote for the NDAA. Also calling on him to better represent the 99%.

1:03 PM There wasn’t much of a police presence at the press conference. But, now as occupiers move to confront Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Sen. Chuck Schumer, who both voted for the NDAA, the police are mobilizing.

12:50 PM A report on the Occupy Wall Street press conference condemning the NDAA. (Occupiers and supporters are now marching, as the press conference concluded.)

12:45 PM (Fake) military police disappear Occupy Wall Street participants during the press conference

11:51 AM Gearing up for an Occupy Wall Street press conference on the NDAA – follow the hashtag #J3 for the latest on the day of action against the bill recently signed into law. These are supposed to be feeds of the action and they are supposed to start at 12 pm ET – OccupyNYC / OccupyNYC2

11:11 AM Occupy Wall Street, in addition to a day of action against the NDAA, will also have people at 100 Williams Street, where the property owner used the police to kick OWS out of a space where they were to hold a meeting that is supposed to be open to the public. They will defend their right to assemble at 7 pm ET.

11:00 AM NYPD still are abusing the press so Joe Coscarelli says expect the “outraged newspaper columns” to keep coming. Like, for example, this one detailing what happened to Ryan Deveraux of Democracy Now! in Duarte Square on December 17.

10:55 AM Actress Rachel McAdams on Occupy: “People have said it’s unfocused, but I appreciate that there are so many different groups coming together peacefully, saying there are things that are broken in the system, and we need to put our heads together.”

10:45 AM PBS’ News Hour covers Occupy Des Moines and focuses on whether Occupy’s actions translate into any concrete electoral outcome in 2012 or years to come, or is it just a protest movement that gains attention and little else?

Original Post

Global Revolution is issued a notice to vacate or be subject to arrest.

Global Revolution, the team that has been doing media coverage for Occupy Wall Street since the first day of occupation, has been evicted from space it had in Brooklyn. The group was evicted from the building they were using by NYPD for “safety reasons,” however, other individuals using the building were not told to “vacate.”

A notice to vacate posted reads:

The Department of Buildings has determined that conditions in this premises are imminently perilous to life.

This premises has been vacated and reentry is prohibited until such conditions have been eliminated to the satisfaction of the department.

Violators of this commissioner’s vacate order are subject to arrest.

Further details have not been reported by anyone on Twitter at this point (though members of the crew have been talking about the eviction on the Global Revolution livestream). It would be nice to know the legal justification for ordering one group but not all groups inside the building to vacate. When more is reported, the blog will be updated with details on the eviction.

Here is a video that has been posted on the eviction:

Additionally, today in New York (and possibly at other occupations around the country?), Occupy Wall Street will be engaging in an emergency demonstration against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) recently signed into law, which grants the military “extraordinary powers to detain citizens without trial.”

The New York City General Assembly declares on their website:

January 3rd will be a spontaneous show of people power in reaction to Obama’s treasonous signing of the National Defense Authorization Act. Not only does this act violate our first, third, fourth, fifth and sixth amendments, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, but this Act was signed quietly this past New Years Eve violating what little trust remained between the people and their established government. We see what’s happening here, and we will not stand for it.

They post a schedule for what is planned for the “Day of Action”:

7:30AM (All Day) – OWS solidarity with the New York State Nurses Association Strike at St. Lukes (1111 Amsterdam Ave and 112th Street) and Roosevelt Hospital (1000 10th Ave and 59th Street.)
12PM – Press Conference at NYPL (Bryant Park)
2PM – Office Demonstration at Senator Gillibrand’s office (780 3rd Ave.)
3PM – Office Demonstration at Senator Schumer’s office (757 3rd Ave.)
4PM – Rally at Rockefeller Plaza
5PM – Flash check about NDAA in Grand Central for commuters.
After, we plan to march up 5th ave to do a demo tour of 1 percent homes.
(above subject to change at on short notice.)

Finally, the Iowa Caucus is today. There will likely be quite a bit of Occupy protest action. It will be interesting to see how many Iowans, actually vote “uncommitted” and if those votes are even counted and reported.

Firedoglake’s premier live blog continues now. It will follow NDAA protests and all Occupy the Iowa Caucus activity today. All times are EST. Updates will appear at the top of the post. Email [email protected] with any news tips, questions or updates.