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10:24 PM Gov. Chris Christie does what most politicians haven’t the temerity or guts to do when Occupy “mic checks” or heckles them: he uses the moment to make an underhanded point about Obama that is guaranteed to resonate with the GOP base.

10:22 PM

7:51 PM And days after it began, the news wire AP notices “Occupy Nigeria” is ongoing and publishes this report.

6:00 PM Reuters: Occupy Oakland had six arrested last night. One of the arrests was for carrying what police call a “quarter stick of dynamite.” The occupation had called for an “anti-police” rally. (Actually, that’s sanitizing it: they wanted a “Fuck the Police” rally to condemn the abuse they have had to endure from Oakland police.)

5:50 PM The cost of the occupation for Occupy London

2:10 PM Occupy Tucson to march on Tuesday to save ethnic studies

1:11 PM A Nigerian rap song with video from the “Occupy Nigeria” protests. (This could probably use some audio editing but for the most part a nicely produced music video.)

1:05 PM At Occupy New Hampshire, a performance of an excerpt from Mark Twain’s “Politics”

12:47 PM Not too much more going on with Occupy today outside of the New Hampshire primary protests and Occupy Oakland videos of Oakland police repression. CNN has this report on “Occupy the Primaries” and the camp that is home base for the movement’s activities. Occupiers have tried to persuade Republican supporters of the candidates that “Occupy” is not affiliated with the Democratic Party.

12:00 PM Another video on the photographer “Geekeasy” who was targeted by Oakland police. This one has footage from prior to the arrest of officer videotaping him (perhaps in preparation for a future arrest).

10:33 AM Indiana occupiers join with unions to fight state push for “right to work” law

9:47 AM In Oakland, police seemingly terrorize a group of Occupy Oakland protesters and go after a woman with a bicycle, who isn’t really doing anything at all. She is punched. Some of the incident caught on video here.


11:10 PM Walkupy arrives in Charlotte. Two are arrested in front of Bank of America headquarters. Here’s video shot by Walkupy. Action begins around the 7:00 mark.

11:00 PM Like what’s said in this tweet:

10:55 PM This happened earlier this morning. Police finally came to move out Occupy Bloomington.

8:54 PM Occupy Tulsa joined in an antiwar protest to call for the US to get out of Afghanistan

8:50 PM Occupy Las Vegas targets home foreclosures and would like to camp out in front of some of these homes that face foreclosure.

8:47 PM On the occupiers who have fallen in love and found romance at Occupy DC

7:05 PM Matthew Filipowicz (@mattfilipowicz) is at the rally outside the GOP debate. He says the scene is kind of crazy and suggests there actually might be more “occupiers” than people there who support the GOP candidates.

Filipowicz tweets this photo:

6:20 PM Occupy the Primaries rallies outside of the GOP debate in New Hampshire

5:15 PM The Bay Area News Group (BANG) has sent the Occupied Oakland Tribune a “cease and desist” letter. Occupy Oakland has posted a press release indicating Occupied Oakland Tribune is not about to bow down to this intimidation.

In their cease and desist letter, BANG declared that the Occupied Oakland Tribune’s use of “the Oakland Tribune’s trademarks tarnishes and diminishes the value of these famous names.” But these arguments will hold no water in a court of law, much less in the court of public opinion.

There is no possibility of consumer confusion between the Occupied Oakland Tribune (OOT) and the Oakland Tribune (OT). The OOT uses a different format, graphics, font and layout than the OT. The banner of the OOT clearly distinguishes itself as “Occupied,” referencing Occupy Oakland and the 99%. The OOT is not sold in the same locations that the OT is sold because it is not, in fact, sold at all, but given away for free at protests and events organized by Occupy Oakland. Oakland readers are sophisticated enough to tell the difference between these two extremely different publications. Additionally, since the OOT is not sold, trademark law does not apply.

The OOT is a commentary on the OT and mainstream media in general. It has social and cultural value and the name “Occupied Oakland Tribune” in this instance falls under fair use. BANG’s cease and desist letter is an absurd attack on First Amendment rights against the protected political speech of the OOT.

Is this news group really about to make a mistake here that even the Wall Street Journal hasn’t made? Because there is an Occupied Wall Street Journal and the management or owners of this newspaper have not done much in response to being “occupied.”

5:00 PM Occupy MN (Minnesota) calls for massive action against suppression of the Occupy movement

4:50 PM ICYMI: National Nurses United’s “Nightmare on Wall Street

3:24 PM This is video of the NYPD arresting two individuals at the OWS NDAA protest at Grand Central station earlier in the week.

3:13 PM Al Jazeera English’s “Inside Story” on the problem of money in politics and the 2012 Election.

3:11 PM Chris Faraone (@Fara1) is covering Occupy the Primaries in New Hampshire for the Boston Phoenix. There are members of Occupy Boston present. He reports that hundreds are out marching. There is an LGBT contingent. The LGBT contingent has chanted, “RuPaul, not Ron Paul!”

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change (@LukeRudkowski) is also on the scene. In fact, this morning he was at a Romney event and got to ask Romney a question and then was kicked out. He also watched several occupiers interrupt Romney and then get forced out of the event by security.

He has now confronted Santorum and Gingrich plus there’s a debate tonight that he will be covering.

Here’s a photo of Santorum that Rudkowski took just before he was “mic checked” by occupiers.

3:08 PM “PunkBoyinSF” is livestreaming from a Bank of America branch in San Francisco. They are protesting foreclosures and evictions.

3:07 PM Occupy Wall Street is holding a Bill of Rights funeral at Liberty Square.

3:00 PM Academy Park, where Occupy Albany was at for months until they were evicted in December, will be “symbolically” re-occupied.

2:10 PM Raw video of the Occupy Oakland teepee raid that happened on Wednesday, which shows the OPD targeting “Chris” for arrest.

1:07 PM The five most important Occupy posts of the week (The American Prospect)

12:49 PM The city has done everything to get the occupiers off of the courthouse lawn, but Occupy Missoula in Montana continues to “occupy” with tents. They have been told by the city the tents need to go but a letter given to the occupation does not indicate when the city would begin enforcing the order to remove tents.

11:36 AM Occupy Des Moines is told by the city be out of Stewart Square, which they have been occupying for months, by January 31.

11:34 AM Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has released a report on the arrests of individuals loosely affiliated with Occupy Chapel Hill, who were in a vacant business building in November. A tactical police team had been used to raid the building and make arrests. The report is largely supportive of the police action.

9:48 AM Occupy Wall Street has officially taken up the issue of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and declare corporations are not people. Money is not speech.

2:00 AM As with the Iowa Caucuses, the Occupy movement is scheduling many actions/protests ahead of the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

1:55 AM Occupied Oakland Tribune is trying to print two more editions

1:45 AM Occupy Wall Street Twitter account is going after a Shorty Award

1:30 AM Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a report on the arguments Occupy Pittsburgh intends to use in court to show they have the right to remain in Mellon Park, a private park owned by the bank BNY Mellon.

…Attorneys for the group said in their first response filed in court that they believe BNY Mellon gave protesters a license to stay on the first day of their occupation. On that day, Oct. 15, a Pittsburgh police lieutenant told protesters BNY Mellon said they could stay “as long as you don’t damage the property,” according to court documents…

1:20 AM The city of Portland, Maine, is in court arguing it has the right to evict Occupy Maine. The city has asked the judge to look at situations in five other cities. However, the occupation’s lawyer, John Branson, suggests there are some key differences between what has happened in other cities. For example, Occupy Boston never sought a city permit to remain in Dewey Square.

1:15 AM Is time really running out for Occupy Rochester?

1:10 AM Occupy Austin has been going for three months now.