The third motion hearing in the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier who is being prosecuted by the US government for allegedly releasing classified information to WikiLeaks, commenced today. I was at Fort Meade in Maryland to cover the proceedings. I will also be there throughout the rest of the week to cover what happens.

I appeared on “The Alyona Show” to provide an update on what happened and also talk about John McCain is criticizing the Obama administration’s selective leaks on the “kill list,” cyber warfare, etc.

I’ll highlight a bit from the segment and then let you enjoy:

What is so clear after today is without saying it—and this is my feeling—without saying it they’re [military prosecutors] are invoking state secrets privilege and appointing themselves as gatekeepers to protect the government and do everything they can to not release this information. I have to ask myself, are they playing a a dual role here? In addition to being tasked with convicting Bradley Manning, are they also being asked to prevent the public and press from  getting additional information about how the government responded to the WikiLeaks releases?

There’s one part of the end I want to clear up because what I said was lazy and unfair to the left as a whole. I think there are hundreds if not thousands of people on the left that are upset with Obama’s prosecution of whistleblowers. There are hundreds if not thousands of liberals or Democratic Party voters that support Obama who have absolutely no problem with the way the Obama administration has used the Espionage Act to go after whistleblowers. I didn’t make that distinction on the show and should have.

A comprehensive post on today’s proceedings that particularly deals with exchanges between the judge and military prosecutors will be posted here shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this segment.

Here’s a live blog that has updates on some of what happened in the courtroom at Fort Meade today.