At the Occupy National Gathering, the Occupy movement is currently engaged in what they are calling a “visioning process.” Several groups of 40-50 people each have formed and are discussing visions for the future of American democratic society. The visions are going to be synthesized by facilitators and a consensus-based vision for the movement will be produced by the end of the Fourth of July.

Below are two live streams that you can click on to view what is happening in Franklin Square in Philadelphia:

The occupiers are not discussing tactics. They are not concerned with the means. They are only focused on throwing out ideas for the kind of society that people in the movement would like to live in some day. It is an incredible display of participatory democracy. The nature of it is incredibly subversive and insurrectionary. It is a symptom and demonstration of the fact that Congress no longer is an institution these people can count on to effect meaningful change. They have given up on representatives and believe they have to be the change they want to see happen. They are the change they have been waiting for.

Tune in and, also, participate at The facilitators have made it possible for people all over the country to contribute ideas to the “visioning process.”

Note: I am here watching this unfold. I have a professional video camera that I am using to document this process. I will be cutting video together to present a short documentary on what unfolded here today.