In Chicago, there is a cafe in Rogers Park known as the Heartland Cafe. The Chicago Bar Project describes it as a “critically acclaimed commune-come-restaurant-and-bar where everyone from hippies to leftists to gay & lesbians to vegetarians are most welcome, along with the rest of us who have sold out and revel in the material world.”

It has been around for 35 years.

During the “NATO 3″ trial in Chicago, it came out during defense cross-examination of undercover Chicago police officer Nadia Chikko that the police department deployed six surveillance officers on March 21, 2012, ahead of a NATO summit on May 19 and 20, to see “if there was any criminal activity being talked about, discussed or planned” at the Heartland Cafe. There was a concern that “anarchists” may have “infiltrated” the peaceful setting of the Heartland Cafe (or something like that).

Chikko said, “I sat on the outside patio for—we observed three people sitting at a bar and another woman sitting at the table. Seven people. That was it.”

The Heartland Cafe has a weekly radio show and the above video is of my appearance on the show last weekend. I read the section of a court transcript where the Heartland Cafe was mentioned. Then, Michael James and Katie Hogan, who opened the Cafe and host, “Live from the Heartland,” discussed other aspects of the “NATO 3″ case with me, along with why I chose to cover the case.

It was a quite a pleasant experience, and I was very grateful they invited me to come on their weekly radio show.