Rumping up the IDF’s testosterone level?

The daily leaven of brutality out of Gaza is increasingly grotesque. While Hamas throws a few rockets into Israeli territory, the full force of a modern army is unleashed on the civilian population. Weapons designed for a 21st century battlefield– 500 pound bombs, skin-shredding flechette projectiles, 120mm tank cannons– are instead used inside urban areas populated more by women and children than any sort of terrorist. The so-called Israeli hunt for Hamas tunnels seems to involve mostly flattening homes, schools and medical facilities above ground.

As the death toll of civilians, including children (the UN states the conflict takes the life of one child each hour), and the overall death count reaches 800 persons, you’d think even Israelis might be asking questions about what is being carried out in their names.

But at least in some cases, you’d be wrong.

In an apparent show of support for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), a new Facebook page has appeared where women (and one man) strip down to show their breasts and butts in provocative, sexual positions all decorated with pro-IDF slogans. It’s NSFW.

The Facebook page’s “About” section translates to:

You’ll guard on top, we’ll guard your bottoms! We will win this battle of beauty for you.

Dear beloved IDF soldiers, we are here as an act of appreciation, you do not need to wait for 72 ugly virgins, you are our heroes. The beauty of Israel girls is waiting for you, here back home. Come back to us.

Additionally: among this page’s fans, we will have a monthly IDF soldier picked out for “special treatment.” you know what they say, girls love heroes

The blending of sex and violence is yet another chilling sign that young men are again being mind-twisted into associating the terrible things they do on the battlefield with sexual prowess. History suggests this can only lead to rape, sexual atrocities and the continued dehumanization of those in Gaza.

The Facebook page currently has over 14,000 “Likes.”

If you, like me, are disgusted by this, consider visiting the page and reporting it to Facebook with your comments. Click on the “three dots” button in the upper right hand corner to file a report.


Peter Van Buren writes about current events at blog. His book,Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99Percent, is available now from from Amazon.

Screenshot from the IDF Facebook page