Who’s a Terrorist?

So now we have Sarah Palin accusing Obama of association with terrorists, based on very thin evidence–someone who was a radical nearly 40 years ago has occasionally been an Obama supporter for perhaps 5 years. On the other hand, we have Palin’s connection with the Alaska Independence Party, which was live less than two years ago. The AIP is a revolutionary group; it is theocratic in ideology and has connections with hate groups, which were linked on the AIP’s web page at the time of Neiwert’s writing. The AIP is the group which associates with terrorists or at least proto-terrorists; that is what "hate groups" are. So Palin’s claim (which is the McCain campaign’s claim) is of the form "He does it, too," only he doesn’t, really. She did, and as recently as 2006.

One of the most striking thinking patterns of our radical right, for the past 15 years, is to accuse their opponents of the worst in themselves. And now we have the McCain campaign accusing Obama of associating with terrorists, when its Vice Presidential candidate associates with people a stone’s-throw away from being terrorists. And my mind flew back to Reagan, and the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages deal, one of the most shameful acts of the Reagan administration. Are Republican leaders already working with US hate groups? What will Sarah Palin do, should she ever come to power? This is a despicable, desperate claim, and I hope it persuades no-one.

If not, more food for us corvids, thinks I. Caw!

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