Craigslist – Explained

Craigslist – Explained

By David Glenn Cox


I found this on Craigslist the other day, posted in the writing jobs section. I was struck by what it saying superficially versus what is was actually trying to say. My own comments are in the block quotes





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SaveAmericaMovement (SAM) (DC)


Greetings. This is going to sound a little crazy, but it’s not.  [But it does sound crazy, right?]

I’m a newspaper guy (Kansas City Star, LA Times, local newspapers) who has worked in government (two summer internships on Capitol Hill, a year at the White House, as a White House Fellow).  [You’ve never heard of me]

I’m very middle-of-the-road, and like many, fear for the future of our country. Things have become WAY too partisan, it’s all about scoring points at the opponent’s expense.

[I’m not really very middle-of-the-road,]

I have an idea that basically goes like this:

1) The SaveAmericaMovement, or SAM — think “Uncle Sam” — is intended to spark a movement of sane, probably mostly middle of the road, pragmatic types who just want to solve the problems facing our great nation. Think of this as a Tea Party or “Occupy” movement for sane people. [That’s it, problem solved we can all go home now, never would have thought of it.]

2) We write an “A – Z” set of “fifth-grade simple” policy prescriptions, solving, on paper, all that ails us a country. The program would be fair, balanced and done with the context of a balanced budget. The whole thing might run 100 pages, we can produce it in print and post it to our website (still being built). This will be called “The Sam Plan.”

[fifth-grade simple” policy prescriptions, now there’s your answer.]

3) We build a grass roots movement around this. We get the word out. We give the forgotten middle, or silent majority, a voice. This could take years; if that’s what it takes, that’s OK. Then again, with social media, maybe SAM takes off like a rocket. [We won’t get the word out, you will have forgotten about this by the time American Idol comes on, because you are after all the silent majority.]

4) We engage the citizenry in a real way. Government can’t solve everything. It was never intended to. We want our members to embrace personal responsibility, eschewing obesity, addictions, abuse, financial irresponsibility, etc. We want to embrace doing well in school and in the workplace. We want to do this right, free of corruption. If the people lead, the politicians will follow. [Wow, okay now that is crazy.]

5) Over time, we win over the vast middle, solve the problems and save America. Uncle Sam has been good to us over the years; it’s time to repay the favor. [Over weight middle aged white people watching Fox News unite! You have nothing to lose but your remote controls!]

I know this sounds hopelessly idealistic. I’m also aware that movements like this generally go nowhere. But suspend your skepticism for a moment, let’s give this a try. What have we got to lose, really? A country — that’s all! [Movements like this generally go nowhere.—that’s all!]

We need political science types, academics, writers, marketers, social media types, experts, non-experts, housewives who need something to do, summer interns, financial backers — anyone who’s interested. This is a volunteer effort; there is no pay involved. Maybe this will change over time as we get SAM up and running. [Doughnut salesman, Fuller brush men and just plain Joe’s, you know, anyone!]

Send me a cover note telling me a little bit about who you are, what your area of expertise (if any) is, what it is about this that grabs you. [Send me a cover note telling me why you’re as crazy as I am]

We’ll be in touch right away and tell you more. We hope to put on a big push this summer. If we divide this up, we can make quick work of it. [i.e. The official handshake, decoder ring and gang sign.]

We are based out of LA but I wanted to post this in DC because everyone there is a political junkie. You can work from there and we’ll do this via conference call, email, Skype, etc. [We are based out of LA but I wanted to post this in DC because I told you going in, this was probably crazy.]

Thanks for your time and attention. Together we can save America. I hope to hear from you. [You may now engage your life lever to the resume position.]

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