Ponies, Unicorns and Political Reality

?Cenk Uygur’s a little behind the curve, but seeing as how  this is a couple weeks old, maybe he’s getting a little closer to realizing zerO is not capitulating, he’s doing everything he came here to do and more. 

It’s kind of funny to watch Cenk slap his mits on the table and say “I can’t believe you can’t see your strategy of appeasement isn’t working!” while he himself doesn’t see “appeasement” is actually just the presididn’t getting his hand and tongue-action more in sync with the neocon groans of “oh baby, oh BABY!” But he still makes some good points. Hence this post.

In a two dimensional world where the walls of the chute are “this is the system” and the cattle prod is either Mr. Designer Magic Underwear or Frothy Mix himself, I guess betrayal and selling out can look like eleventy dimensional strategy. But if you balance what’s been accomplished for the MIC and the 1% against what’s been accomplished or forfeited for the rest of us, “political reality” becomes quite apparent.  We are getting raped.

8 months to go. Steel yourselves for the parades and celebrations over the crackers we’ll be tossed or any pauses in the thrusts. Oh, and this too:


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