I wouldn’t know Karl Marx from a taffy apple


I took the name Strelnikov after Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago character.

Strelnikov was a Russian revolutionary circa 1905 or so. After getting beaten up while marching for better rights for normal people, he gave up marching. Later, he married Lara, and took a job as a school teacher.

Strelnikov tried to stay true to his ideals. Around 1914, he joined the army, went to the front-lines against the German army. A shell blew him up.

Once full-blown revolution came to Russia, Strelnikov stopped using his birth name, Pavel ‘Pasha’ Antipov. He sided with the revolutionaries, adopting as his name the Russian word for ‘shooter.’ Naturally, once the traitorous Bolsheviks showed their true colors, they turned on Strelnikov.

Like myself and the Polish communists, Strelnikov learned, the hard way, that a police state is a dangerous place for a leftist.

Here’s hoping peaceful demonstrations get the job done.

Thank you to Occupy Wall Street.


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