Nevada Senate Race 2010 – For Whom Would You Vote?

Serious enough question. Fair enough question since many have had opinions on Nevada’s Senator Reid. Senator Reid is up for Re-election this year. Put on Your Thinking Cap. And get your Google-Mojo working.

Let’s say you live in Nevada. Would you vote for Harry Reid? Would you vote for another Democrat? Or would you vote for a republican? What if there isn’t another Democratic contender? Or would you vote for a Libertarian? Or maybe an Independent?

Here’s some info with linkies from Wiki on who is running or may be running for Nevada’s Senate seat that is up for election in 2010 – Senator Harry Reid’s Senate seat. Senator Reid is the Senate Majority Leader.

Let’s have a discussion about just what you would do if you were in my place.

Democratic Party Candidate(s)


* Senator Harry Reid


* State Representative Barbara Buckley
* Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman
* Secretary State of Nevada Ross Miller

Republican Party Candidate(s)


* Sharron Angle, former Assemblywoman
* John Chachas, businessman
* Chuck Flume, businessman
* Sue Lowden, former State Senator
* Mark Noonan, Navy veteran
* Bill Parson, conservative activist
* Danny Tarkanian, real estate owner
* Greg Dagani, former member of the Nevada Board of Education (There doesn’t seem to be an official website… )



* Mark Amodei, State Senator, dropped out of race
* Dean Heller, U.S. Congressman
* Brian Krolicki, Nevada Lt. Gov.
* Jon Porter, U.S. Congressman
* Chuck Kozak, attorney dropped out of race
* Robin L. Titus, physician dropped out of race
* Mike Wiley, conservative activist dropped out of race

So, there you have your choices as of this date. The list could change, if the filing date for the Primary hasn’t passed. Both the Democratic Party Primary and republican Party Primary on June 8, 2010.

Do your research and let me know.

(John Ensign is serving as Nevada’s other Senator; his term will be up in 2012.)

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