Lack of hope? Action to take

Garret Keizer writes for the Harper’s Magazine website. He first says that one thing Bush has done effectively is to kill hope. Evidence: If someone asked you to take a specific action against the mess in the White House would your response be, “It wouldn’t do any good”? Keizer suggests a response that would get the attention of Bush and his buddies — a general strike. We would not work and not shop for as many days as it would take to get attention. How does the next death in Iraq, not to mention the abuses in the Department of Justice, compare to a trip to the mall? Do we want Bush around for the privilege to complain about him or to give Democrats a campaign platform? Save the date: Election Day, 2007, the Feast of Hanging Chad.

Keizer’s article is here:

This message is brought to you by a guy who is retired from one career and hasn’t started another and can stay out of stores days at a time.