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December 25, 2012

A Merry Christmas Message (And Some Tunes)

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Christmas is about being with the people you love. It is about appreciating the others you have in your life and taking a moment out of your busy life to acknowledge the value of living.

I am spending the day with family. On my mother’s side,¬†I am lucky to still have my ninety-eight year old great grandma and my grandma and grandpa, who bring me great joy. I also have my parents, brother and other family, who I spent time with on Christmas Eve and will see today. And there’s that special someone in my life, a girlfriend who keeps me from burning out and puts a smile on my face three hundred and sixty-five days a year. She’ll be by my side keeping me warm.

Most of the time, I am checking up on some fresh assault on civil liberties, reading up on the most recent travesty or farce being committed by the United States or reacting to the latest atrocity, which the so-called beacon of freedom and democracy committed or is likely involved. I do this not only because it is my job to write about all this but also because I have a passion and interest for following and commenting on current events.

Sometimes one can follow what is happening in the world so intensely that they lose sight of what is happening to the very friends and family, who could be with them talking and reminding them why it is worth it to keep prospering and/or struggling in this world.

To those who regularly read my writing, I wish you the best this Christmas. I hope you are with people you enjoy spending time with or that you are doing something that makes you feel happy or at peace with yourself today. And, if you’re feeling blue, I hope you at least have some Christmas blues music to get you through the holiday.

Speaking of music, here are some music selections for you to enjoy.

“Merry Christmas Baby” – Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers

“Sound the Trumpet” – The Wailers

“Santa’s Messin’ With the Kid” – Eddie C. Campbell

“O Holy Night” – Mahalia Jackson

“Christmas in New Orleans” – Louis Armstrong¬†

“All I Want for Christmas is You” – Carla Thomas

“Carol of the Bells” – The Four Seasons

“Sound the Trumpet” – The Wailers

…And a contemporary selection:

“All I Need is Love” – Cee-Lo Green & The Muppets

Merry Christmas.

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