True Leadership

Democrats and Progressives are attacking Republicans for being immoral because Republicans favor an extension of the Bush tax cuts and not an extension of unemployment benefits. However, if Republicans were angels in the sense that they only wanted to serve the American people, then their behavior on this matter would not change because of their unshakable belief in the power of trickle down Capitalism to eventually lift all boats, so to speak.

It’s beside the point to portray Republicans as evil creatures or selfish conspirators. What’s really needed is a critique of an economic system that depends primarily on the private sector to create and sustain jobs, and other forms of wealth in this country, but Dem-Progressives aren’t willing or able to undertake this critical task, which leaves them with the moral high ground, but without a real solution to the problems of permanent unemployment and growing destitution in America.

Yes, it’s possible to strengthen the safety-net, create a WPA, and re-invent the New Deal, but these measures contradict the logic or inherent structure of this economy, and in the end, when push comes to shove, profit rules. The so-called regulation of capitalism only means that its inherent tendency to further exploit workers and the environment is in check temporarily, but the globalization of capital (in order to sustain and grow capitalism) is unstoppable in the long run, and it entails the loss of quality life for the vast majority of Americans, inevitably.

Appealing to morality does little to educate the population about this worsening situation, and it allows the real cause of the major problems we face to remain hidden from the American people. Capitalism “appears” natural simply because Americans do not think or see beyond it, but exploitation is exploitation even if the victims are unaware of it. The role of radicals is to assist people-in-need and people-in-struggle to reach an awareness of an alternative socio-economic order, which is not something that will happen automatically, not through the growth of trade unions or progressive groups or organizations. True leadership is essential.

The American economy is declining and in need of radical change because satisfying basic/vital needs for everyone is beyond the limits of a capitalist economy. Delivering this message to the American people is the kind of leadership that is needed now. Generally speaking, Democrats and Progressives are moral people in terms of their political motivations and intentions, but insofar as they agree with Republicans that Capitalism is sustainable and desirable, and they are not revealing or showing a lifestyle beyond it, then they are further mystifying the deep problem of the 21st Century.

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