For President “Fierce Advocate,” Live Gay Spouses Are Less Than Dead Straight Spouses

Rachel Maddow spends a quick moment to explain that the Obama Administration has cancelled a Bush-era rule that required deportation for non-citizen spouses widowed within two years of their marriage to a US citizen. She also points out that this is the same Administration — headed by "fierce advocate of gay and lesbian rights" Barack Obama — which won’t halt the deportation of LGBT non-citizen spouses.

It’s time to start to ask: How would a Democratic President who is a non-fierce non-advocate of LGBT rights act, anyway?

It’s June — Pride Month, President Obama! C’mon, throw us a crumb! How about an executive order calling an end to DADT prosecutions and discharges? 69% of Americans want to repeal DADT — need I point out that’s more popular than you are currently? Or could you please push the US Senate to pass the Hate Crimes bill? Or maybe the House could get a signal from you to move a repeal of DOMA? Or could you think about structuring immigration regulations to at least acknowledge actual marriages performed in states that have marriage equality?

Or could you simply acknowledge the several states that have approved marriage equality while you were traveling abroad?

In the "walk and chew gum at the same time" department, President Barack Obama is showing us that when it comes to The Ghey, he can’t. Not really.

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