Congressman Steve Israel: Bachmann Must Apologize

Dave Weigel at the Washington Independent reports that Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY02) has demanded an apology from his colleague, Michele Bachmann (R-MN06), for the Holocaust imagery used at her Tea-Party rally on Capitol Hill at which every member of the House GOP leadership spoke.

“I just cannot believe that Congresswoman Bachmann sponsored and brought to the American people, the use of images from the Holocaust, actual photographs of skeletal remains of people from the cremetoria, in order to make a point about the health insurance bill,” says Israel. “I can’t believe that Congresswoman Bachmann would stand where she stood and see those images and not have the common decency to say, ‘I disagree with the use of those images.’”

All members of the House GOP leadership who spoke at Bachmann’s Tea-Party rally yesterday were looking directly at the Buchenwald imagery from the podium. None of them disagreed with the use of the images or condemned them. None has yet.

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