Prop 8 Liveblogging Two

Lawyers are settling into their places; it’s 8:38 here. Perhaps the SCOTUS stay has delayed our start here? Twitterers casting the SCOTUS stay as "the first loss for the Olson/Boies team."

Counsel table camera is now having a little earthquake of its own.

Court personnel setting papers up for Judge Walker.

We still don’t have sound; I sure hope that the AV team remembers to turn it up when they start.

We are reminded not to use any cameras or recording equipment in the overflow courtroom. There is a judge standing by ready to issue contempt orders! A couple of people put away cameras.

This room we’re in is very 1960s ceremonial, lots of wood paneling and not-very-impressive portraits on the wall, perhaps of retired judges? There is a huge plate at the center of the front wall with a large eagle done in gold leaf, the entire wall is grey marble. The room where the trial is actually going to be held looks very similar, except there’s room on the dais for only one judge, while in this room there are fifteen judges’ chairs.

The court recorder just sat down at her seat.

Not everyone has turned off their phones here in the ceremonial courtroom. But our front-row enforcer team seems to have perfected "the look" when someone’s phone rings.

We’ve just been told by helpful court personnel that they expect to start on time, which would be now 9am.

The right hand screen and projector in our room will display exhibits.

Judge Walker will control the activation of the microphones which has not happened yet. Still awaiting Judge Walker’s appearance in the courtroom.

Everyone is in place and seated, and there was a faint chime in our viewing room. Not sure if that means anything.

Everybody’s up in the courtroom, clerk is calling the case.

Ted Olson speaks first.

Buttress speaks.

David Boies speaks.

Jeremy Goldman introduces himself.

Steve Holtzman.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera for plaintiff-intervenor SF City and County, also Teresa Stewart for the city.

Cooper for the defendant-intervenor.

Other Cooper and Kirk attorneys introduce themselves

James Campbell for the Alliance Defense Fund, defendant intervenors.
A lawyer for the governor and a lawyer for the attorney general.
Lawyers for the defendant Alameda registrar and county clerk, also the Los Angeles county registrar and county clerk.

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