WaPo: Times Square Bomber Accomplice Arrested in Pakistan

Who knew that a ‘lone wolf’ as NBC’s Richard Engel repeatedly characterized Faisal Shahzad last night on The Rachel Maddow Show, could have an accomplice? Let alone one half a world away.

The Pakistani government has arrested a suspect with connections to a Pakistani militant group who said he acted as an accomplice to the accused Times Square bomber, U.S. officials said.

The suspect, whose arrest has not been previously disclosed, provided an "independent stream" of evidence that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attack, and has admitted helping Faisal Shahzad, the main suspect, travel into Pakistan’s tribal areas for bomb training.

Officials familiar with the probe cautioned that there have been inconsistencies in the two suspects’ accounts. Federal authorities expanded their search for physical evidence Thursday, carrying out raids in four northeastern states, and arresting three people suspected of funneling money to Shahzad.

I wonder if Secretary of State Clinton’s ‘severe consequences’ are about to be in play here:

Assessing the role of the Pakistani Taliban carries significant stakes. A clear link would move the militant group onto an expanding list of al-Qaeda affiliates that pose a direct threat to the United States. It would also put new pressure on the U.S. relationship with Pakistan at a time when President Obama is pushing the country to expand its military campaign against insurgent groups.

Of course, Richard Engel also said that these ‘severe consequences’ probably meant stepped up drone strikes in Pakistan, not anything that could violate the sovereignty of Pakistan. It’s nice to know that drone strikes that kill civilians don’t violate international sovereignty, as reported by our most knowledgeable Legacy Media correspondents. I’m sure the Pakistanis murdered in their beds are comforted by this distinction.

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