Rangel to The Dauphin Russert: “How Do You Think I Got MY Job?”

New York Democrat Charlie Rangel didn’t like the tenor or tone of Young Master Russert’s questions today about his tax returns and loss of the Chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee. It sounds to me like Rangel knows perfectly well how Luke Russert got his job — "Luke, I’m your father: make them hire you!"

Oedipus Russert needs to understand that everyone who deals with him knows he didn’t get his job on merit, but based on the grief of NBC hiring executives who loved Medium Russ. It’s affirmative action for the connected, the legated, and the wealthy and cossetted. No one respects Luke Russert for his journamalism skills except Cougar Greenspan who gets excited talking with him on-air.

Oh, also Chuck Todd, who seems to think Wee Russ makes him look Very Serious despite his goatee.

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