Why Does Obama’s Cat Food Commission Hate Our Troops?

Because there is a giant military contractor CEO on the discretionary spending working group who won’t let them cut his precious waste and fraud from the Pentagon budget, that’s why.

A source familiar with the proceedings of the working group on discretionary spending tells TPM that some commissioners, including one military contractor, would prefer to save money by freezing military pay and scaling back benefits, rather than by eliminating waste in defense contracting.

The source said that different members of the commission come down on different sides of the issue. The discussion group is led by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), whose primary aim is trimming fat on the contractor side, but, according to the source, David Cote, the Honeywell CEO who was appointed to the panel by President Obama, is pushing to find savings elsewhere.

And where is "elsewhere"???

According to the source, Cote and other members, including the commission’s co-chair Alan Simpson, are focusing instead on "freezing military pay, making military people pay for their health care."

Why this group of oligarch millionaires hasn’t been run out of town on a rail yet — with their ‘solutions’ to the problems created by their own class entirely based on making innocent victims of their predation pay to top up their own hedge funds and pirate private venture capital firms, as well as (apparently) insulating our wonderful military contractors from paying their fair share — is beyond me.

Our best hope at this point is that the Sovereign Default Commission’s hatred of military servicemembers and veterans, old people, the disabled, and surviving children will yield a large enough coalition to laugh their December First proposal off the political stage.

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