Will Obama Hassle Senate GOP for Hurting Our Troops in Wartime?

Yesterday’s failed DADT ‘repeal’ aside, the point remains that the Senate Republicans, led by bitter and confused war hero John McCain, have decided to block funding authorization for active-duty troops in two theaters of active conflict, during wartime. Will President Obama bother to make this point, ever?

This kind of even-potential Congressional inaction was described by the previous administration, whenever any wishlist was left off a war authorization bill or troops funding supplemental, in terms previously reserved for Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose.

Democrats may not like the idea of our President being like George W Bush, but let’s face it: drones-at-weddings, unlawful detention, targeted assassinations, our secret prison planet, NSA data-mining, state secrets to thwart judicial process, and Gitmo — he’s Bush on steroids.

Also, record deportations, family separations, and military troops at our Southern border.

So he wants to be like Bush. Then why won’t he own the Bush attitude toward a Congress that has thwarted his will? Unless, of course, Congress didn’t thwart his will yesterday?

Is that even possible?

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