GOP OR-Gov Candidate Chris Dudley: “I Was a Minority in the NBA for 16 Years!”

Funny one, Chris Dudley.

Having moved here barely two months ago, I haven’t focused much energy or time on the Oregon campaigns, except for my advocacy for YES votes on Measure 74 ("Safe Dispensaries, Please") but this comment by Yale University graduate and former NBA player Chris Dudley, who’d like to begin his political career in the governor’s seat in Salem, really cries out for mockery.

When Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Dudley addressed the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs’ monthly “Coffee & Issues” breakfast on Sept. 24, he reprised a comment he’d made at an earlier interview with the Urban League of Portland.

“I heard him say he ‘understood what it was like to be a minority because he had played in the NBA,” recalls state Rep. Lew Frederick (D-Portland), the only African-American man in the Oregon Legislature. (Frederick’s business partner, former Portland Public Schools board member Sue Hagmeier, recalls Dudley’s comments similarly.)

Oh, no — poor minority white boy! . . .

Dudley, a 1987 graduate of Yale, played in the National Basketball Association for 16 years, including two stints with the Portland Trail Blazers. For most of his career, he was one of only a few Ivy Leaguers in the NBA and also one of the dwindling number of U.S.-born white players. But Frederick says being a numerical minority in a privileged class such as the NBA is far different from being a racial minority.

“He certainly wasn’t being denied a job or housing or health care,” says Frederick, who acknowledges he supports Dudley’s Democratic opponent, former Gov. John Kitzhaber. “He has no idea what it’s like to be denied a loan as a minority small businessman, and he’s never had problems getting an equal education. For goodness’ sake, he’s a Yale grad.”

This guy, as Joan McCarter writes at DailyKos, is "really not prepared for the big leagues of politics." He’s a tax-dodger, too. Let’s hope Oregon voters don’t fall for his not-a-politician, down-home schtick. It’s fakery, and his statement about being a minority shows he’s not got an empathetic muscle in his body.

Send him packing, Oregon.

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