Will the HRC’s Finally Posting Its 990 on Website Hide Vast Salary Increases in DC Mid-Term Noise?

Human Rights Campaign, after a one-man effort by San Francisco LGBT activist Michael Petrelis, has finally agreed to post its IRS Form 990 on its website, "by the end of this week."

HRC email to Petrelis:

Thank you for your email. We are in the process of preparing copies of the 990’s for posting on our website. Our plan is to post them by the end of the week and will inform you just as soon as they are on line.

Of course, Joe Solmonese said the Obama Administration had a plan for repealing DADT, so we’ll see how this new plan at the Big Gay Marble Temple works out.

The form was due to the IRS in mid-August, so the HRC’s secrecy and delay makes it look like they’ve something to hide. Could it be huge salary increases while accomplishing nothing but kicking the gay-rights can down the road and providing cover to the Democratic White House and Congress for their bumbling of LGBT issues?


Sure, this is excellent news but I won’t allow it to overshadow HRC’s hard reluctance to voluntarily keep themselves transparent. As I wrote earlier this week, the HRC and HRCF 990s for this year became available back in mid August, and the org didn’t bother to tell us, nor did they share the filings on their web site. Indeed, HRC presently doesn’t share any IRS 990 filings on the site.

Michael Petrelis and the HRC have been going around on this all week, but it will be fun to see the forms, if HRC ever gets around to getting them online. Nothing prevented HRC from posting the forms immediately upon filing them in August with the federal government, so we need to crowd-source these forms at their website over the weekend.

There might be some very revealing salary increases, expense reporting, and donor data. I wonder, for one thing, how open the Veal Pen spigot has been for Joe Solmonese given his and HRC’s constant support of the Obama White House as they sell out our community.

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