Advice For Chris

Chris Matthews’s Hardball featured a segment where Willie Brown, Joan Walsh, and Chris commented on the Brown/Whitman and Blumenthal/McMahon contests for the US Senate in CA and CT. After watching an exchange between the two CT candidates. Chris shook his head in wonderment and in the midst of some contemptuous chuckles said:

What a choice, Joan! Where do you go to vote elsewhere? Can we bring back Chris Dodd?

Well, Chris, don’t bring back Chris Dodd, who’s been bought by the banksters, the insurers, and the drugsters. Just take a short trip over to the Independent Party, whose candidate for the US Senate is Warren E. Mosler, one of the nation’s great economists. Warren’s an honest, sensible, and straightforward candidate, who, as he says is “right on the money.”

If voters in CT are looking for somebody who knows how to bring back prosperity and jobs, then that person is Warren. Here are five youtubes presenting a lengthy interview Warren gave to the Norwich Bulletin. I can’t imagine that anyone who reviews these youtubes could possibly think that either of the two major party candidates is anything more than a joke when compared to Warren as a qualified candidate for the US Senate.

“Where do you go to vote elsewhere?” Chris? Why, just go over to the Independent Party ticket. Then, at least, your vote wouldn’t be a joke.

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