New Hampshire Marriage Law ALREADY Coming Under Fire

Oh for the love of… why can't people just leave folks alone and mind their own damned business?  

From the Manchester Union Leader:  

CONCORD – A state representative from Windham is leading an effort to bring a constitutional amendment on gay marriage to voters this fall.

Republican Rep. David Bates, a gay marriage opponent, plans to discuss his work today in Concord to place the question before town meeting voters on March 9.  "This grassroots effort has been preparing for months to launch the 'Let NH Vote' campaign," Bates said in an e-mail announcing his media event. He declined to discuss details when reached by phone yesterday.

The town clerk offices in Windham and Pelham confirmed they have received copies of citizen petitions to put a special article on this year's town meeting warrants.

Um- didn't New Hampshire ALREADY vote, when it put these state legislators in place? Why yes- yes they did- and they did their job as they were supposed to last year…

So- let's go to 'Let NH Vote' and see what all of this is about.  


Ya know, any time you see open a website and images of an eagle, the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln (both a potrait and a $5 dollar bill) with an American flag banner, it's a pretty good guess that you've got a case of "Teabagger Jingo Bingo" going on!

They’re also advertising a lil presser to start at 1pm today:

Press Conference Notice

For Immediate Release

January 4, 2010

Contact: Representative David Bates

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (603) 894-6987

Notice: Press Conference on Tuesday 1:00pm, January 5, 2010, at Legislative Office Building in Concord, NH

Today, January 4, citizens from every county in New Hampshire will deliver citizen’s petitions to their Town Hall to have an Article placed on the Warrant for their March 9th Town Meeting. This is in response to the law which took effect January 1st that redefined “marriage” to include homosexual relationships.

The question voters will be asked on March 9th is intended to determine the will of the New Hampshire voters concerning the marriage debate. This grass roots effort has been preparing for months to launch the “Let NH Vote” campaign. Petitioners from 9 of New Hampshire’s 10 Counties will gather at the Legislative Office Building at 1:00pm on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 to announce the details of this initiative.

Not only is there this push to go through the NH voters, but a bill is being introduced into the legislature as well.

A bill is coming to the Legislature this year to repeal the law, and a group of three Republicans has proposed a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.

CACR 28, sponsored by Dudley D. Dumaine, R-Auburn, proposes an amendment that says, “The State shall only recognize as marriage, whether in name or effect, the union of one man and one woman.”

A constitutional amendment must be approved by a three-fifths, or 60 percent majority in the Legislature before it can go to voters in the fall.

Then it must pass a popular vote by a two-thirds majority before it can become part of the Constitution.


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