Politics and Morality Are Inextricably Bound.

The responses to my previous entry were lively if nothing else, but typically absent were the answers I sought to questions I posed. Those questions were:

What are YOU doing to hold Obama and the Democrats accountable for their multitude of crimes and other offenses?

Who are YOU running against Obama and other right-wing Democrats next year?

How much money have YOU raised toward that purpose?

Who and how many people are YOU rousing to action, through phone calls and blogging and letter-writing and fund-raising?

What actions are YOU rousing them to?

If you’re NOT doing these things, WHY aren’t you?

This is not surprising. Those who demand the answers most loudly are the same ones who avoid answering them whenever those questions are directed back at them. In response to Rusty1776’s thread, someone posted about why he thinks it’s a bad idea to use morality as a litmus test for politics. A member named one_outer posted a comment in a thread from yesterday, one of several, that bears quoting from.

Politics IS morality, writ large. It’s about making collective moral choices. Without morality your political ship is rudderless, stuck in an endless morass of small fights that are only about realpolitik while you fail to notice the forest around you and the PTB that you’re [sic] never think of just destroying pick you to bits because you allow them to exist.

I’ll expand upon those remarks by pointing out that if you don’t pick yourself a clear moral compass, you will never win a political fight because you are not willing to engage in one to begin with. And that is why what passes for the American Left is losing the ideological war waged against us (and the rest of the nation and world) by the far right. Being in opposition to, or in favor of, a political ideology means having to take a moral stand. Refuse that and keep watching as the enemy continues to defines its amoral positions as moral, and convince voters that theirs are the correct ones. Voters do not trust politicians who refuse to define themselves morally or politically. This is a reality of politics that is not going to change any time soon.

Now, I am going to open the floor again to readers so they may answer the questions I originally asked. I’d appreciate it very much if certain persons refrain from using it as an excuse to flame someone to the point where he loses his temper and gives said certain persons the pretext they want to get rid of him. Such behavior is that of children, not the sort that should be seen on a political blog supposedly run by adults. If some find what others say overly offensive, they need to look in a mirror some time and ask themselves why they’re so offended.

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