Time To Act! Phone-banking Help Needed For Bill Halter

We all know that Sen. Blanche Lincoln is facing a real challenge from her left today. Lt Governor Bill Halter has done what needed to be done. He has (with the help of the Netroots) raised the money. He has busted his butt getting out there and letting the Democrat in Arkansas know that they have a real choice between a bought and sold Insurance Cartel shill and someone who will represent the people of their state.

The key today will be getting as many votes as possible for Lt. Gov Halter so there will be a run off. If this three way race goes to a run off there is very good chance that a bad senator can be replaced by a good one.

Turn out is what we are talking about here folks, and you can help! Just like every other election it does not matter how many people support the candidate, it matter how many take the time to get out and vote. By signing up for a phone banking shift, you can help turn out the voters who will tell Blanche Lincoln that her watering down of health care reform, her siding with the insurance industry over the people is a good reason for her to spend a lot more time with her family, starting in January of next year.

So, will you take the time to do a phone bank shift for Bill Halter? Just click here and you will be connected with the system. Once you have done that the campaign will get back with you and walk you through getting started for your shift.

By taking a little time out of your day you can make a difference in the election tonight. Best of all you put tell the Democratic incumbent protection racket that we are not going to take it. All you have to do is click on this link, then make a few calls.

If we can turn out enough voters, we can either have a clean win or force a run off. The run off is nearly as good as win, as it is unlikely that folks who did not vote for Sen. Lincoln this time would change their votes the next time.

Once you have done your part there is even a returns watching party you can sign up for. There is a live one in Little Rock (if you happen to be in the Natural State) or an online party. In either case you can RSVP by following this link.

Now it is all up to you. Will you just wait, passively, to see what will happen, or will you act and be able to claim a small portion of the glory when we send a bought Senator to the showers?

The floor is yours.

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