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January 14, 2012

Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Weekend Edition (1/14-1/15)

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Firedoglake’s premier live blog on Occupy Wall Street & all things “Occupy” continues. All times are EST. Updates will appear at the top of the post. Email [email protected] with any news tips, questions or updates.

SUNDAY – 1/15

11:20 PM Giant OWS banner unfolded inside Riverside Church tonight

[via @NewYorkist]

9:33 PM Follow this Twitter list for the latest from Riverside Church.

9:30 PM Riverside Church event for Martin Luther King Jr. is still going and here’s a live stream of the remainder of the event:

9:00 PM Major event to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. has been happening at Riverside Church. The church is packed. There have been performances by musicians Steve Earle and Patti Smith. There have also been speeches. Here are some photos:

(via @blogdiva)

Patti Smith sings at Riverside:

(via @allisonkilkenny)

Steve Earle played a song (I think he sang “Christmas in Washington”)

[Also from Allison Kilkenny]

4:45 PM The Daily Mail and the New York Post both have published a version of this story. It seems suspect and appears to be a smear of the “Occupy Homes” campaign Occupy has been engaged in since at least December of last year. No other media outlets have picked up this story thus far so this seems like a manufactured story from the conservative media echo chamber.

2:56 PM Vigils planned for tomorrow throughout the US to mark Martin Luther King, Jr. Village Voice on how this might re-energize the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC

2:26 PM Resolution to end “corporate personhood” passed by Occupy DC

2:10 PM I would not be surprised if GOP candidates for president started to make an issue out of this. Fox News reports the Obamas “worship” at a “pro-Occupy church.” [In a week, we will probably find out Rev. Jeremiah Wright has visited and Bill Ayers has been in the vicinity of the church before.]

1:10 PM Occupy Portland (Oregon) plans to try and establish another encampment when the weather gets warmer

1:04 PM Police evicted Occupy the Vatican protesters, recently. Guardian reports on the eviction.

1:00 PM For the establishment media, it’s always worthy of a headline if protesters that are “prone” to “violence” don’t get “violent.” Stories are consistently framed under the pretense that protesters naturally pose threats to “law and order.” So, naturally, the NBC News affiliate in the Bay Area reports that Occupy Oakland had a peaceful demonstration last night.

12:50 PM United Nations denies that it has tried to get activists in Cyprus “occupying” the “buffer zone” to move.

9:41 AM @PunkBoyinSF is streaming live from a San Francisco airport TSA security checkpoint. I don’t know if an action is planned or if he is just planning on making some statement on airport security this morning. But, for whatever reason, there is a stream and he is in line about to get a pat down or body scan. @PunkBoyinSF has been someone who anyone following Occupy SF have come to know as he consistently broadcasts footage of actions by occupiers. [UPDATE - 1:35 PM Was streaming because he is going to Washington, DC, to cover Occupy Congress on January 17.]

9:37 AM Occupy SF has labeled the San Francisco Financial District “Wall Street West”

9:30 AM Occupy the Courts will be happening as a national day of action on January 20. From Eureka, California, here is a “letter to the editor” on an action that is planned and why it is important.

For more on Occupy the Courts, go here.

9:23 AM ICYMI: Portland City Council voted unanimously to repeal corporate personhood on Thursday, January 12. This comes just over a week after the New York City Council voted to end corporate personhood.

9:20 AM NewsChannel10 in Amarillo, TX, covers the Occupy protesters kicked off a Greyhound bus by a bus driver who doesn’t like Occupy Wall Street. In the video report, occupiers from Occupy SD say he said “you people” and added “they were not welcome in DC or anywhere else.”


11:00 PM Three major media makers who have been critical to the Occupy Movement: Tim Pool (@TimCast), Spencer Mills (@OakFoSho) and Luke Rudkowski (@LukeRudkowski) [Photo from Luke Rudkowski]

10:15 PM Thirteen people affiliated with Occupy San Diego who are headed to Occupy Congress on Greyhound buses were just kicked off a bus being driven by an anti-Occupy Wall Street driver. (via @OakFoSho) Those outraged are being encouraged to call Greyhound to complain. The phone number is 1-800-231-2222. People are to file a complaint with driver Don who was driving Bus No. 6252 to Memphis, TN.

10:10 PM Diary from kyushukev at myFDL on visiting Occupy Nashville.

“After a rough beginning, ON has managed to become the longest continuous 24/7 occupation of a single site in the country.  They’ve managed to accomplish this with grit, determination, and a very remarkable group of people.”

10:05 PM More on Occupy SF’s protest against Wells Fargo where they climbed on to the rooftop. KGO-TV reports they chanted ”What do we want? No evictions!” and “They take our roof, we take their roof!” They also put out a statement this morning that declared “targeting people for predatory equity scams, Ellis Act evictions or immoral home loans can no longer be tolerated.”

9:40 PM Who are the 1%? The Minneapolis Star-Tribune publishes a “nuanced portrait” in an attempt to show they aren’t all Wall Street bosses.

9:30 PM UAW President Bob King praises Occupy: “We’re at very difficult times in the United States of America right now. We’re at a time of great injustice and growing injustices. Thank God for the occupy movement and the young kids that are out there.”

9:25 PM Occupy SF Housing: Four arrested in action against foreclosures and evictions. They climbed up on the rooftop of a Wells Fargo bank branch in the Mission District.

According to San Francisco Chronicle, demanded that the manager of the bank at Mission and 16th streets fax a letter to Wells Fargo’s chief executive officer, John Stumpf, calling for a moratorium on home evictions and foreclosures.

4:00 PM Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi on a tale that should tell everyone everything they need to know about Wall Street.

3:45 PM Occupy the Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. to be remembered by Occupy Wall Street on Monday. They will march from the Financial District to Madison Square Garden. They will be going to the Garden, according to the Gothamist, to “meet African American and Latino Cablevision workers as they confront Cablevision CEO and Knicks owner James Dolan—a member of the 1% who makes more than all of the workers in Cablevision combined and is blocking their right to organize.” And they will be there just as people going to the Knicks game in the afternoon are arriving.

2:50 PM Moyers & Co. on Occupy Wall Street: Journalist Bill Moyers and his team visited Occupy Wall Street multiple times between October and December in 2011. They produced a video segment on how the occupier are not angry at the concept of wealth but rather crony capitalism.

2:11 PM Occupy the Vatican

2:00 PM Photos of the Occupy 17 from photographer Charles Meacham

1:00 PM @OakFoSho has a photo of a “small but spirited Occupy Nigeria rally” in New York City today

11:50 AM Occupy Binghamton in upstate New York has tents removed by police, gets kicked off a street corner after mayor becomes concerned with “cold winter weather.”

10:05 AM How politicians in DC get around campaign finance laws

10:00 AM Sid Ryan for The Guardian pens op-ed, “Eviction is the best thing that could happen at Occupy London.” His op-ed describes what he perceives to be key problems of dysfunction with the group.

9:57 AM Here’s an Occupy group that has not received much attention: “Occupy the Buffer Zone” in Cyprus. They have been asked by the United Nations to “vacate the area marking the divide on Ledra Street between north and south of the island.” UN Peacekeeping Forces are trying to move them out.

9:53 AM Music: “Talking at the Same Time” by Tom Waits, off his album from last year that was titled Bad As Me. The lyrics of the song include lines like, “Well, we bailed out all the millionaires/They’ve got the fruit/We’ve got the rind,” and “Someone makes money when there’s blood in the street/Don’t take any lip/Stay in line.”

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