German Reporter Shows Us How To Respond to Right Wing Lunacy: Calls Global Warming Denier Sen. Inhofe “Ridiculous”

Our make-believe American media has proven itself utterly lacking when it comes to calling a lie a lie and exposing unhinged extremists.  The "balance trap" compels them to solemnly pretend that elected officials who rave about death panels, socialism and global warming hoaxes must be treated with the same respect as reasonable people.

I guess German reporters haven’t fallen into the balance trap.  When Sen. James Inhofe showed up in Copenhagen to spread the truth about the global warming hoax only he can see, a reporter for Der Spigel rightly told Inhofe "you’re ridiculous."

Maybe we need to find a way for Der Spiegel to cover Michele Bachmann, Tom Coburn, Paul Broun, Jim DeMint and the rest of the delusional gang calling itself today’s Republican party.  It would also be nice to see real reporters question Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and the unmoored from reality Democrats at a press conference.

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