Police Granted Authority to Investigate Whether Material Seized from Miranda Violates Official Secrets Act

By: Friday August 30, 2013 9:42 am

A high court in the United Kingdom has given the Metropolitan police the expanded power to investigate whether David Miranda committed “crimes related to terrorism and breaches of the Official Secrets Act,” according to Robert Booth of┬áThe Guardian. Miranda, who is Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald’s partner, was detained by British authorities at Heathrow Airport under [...]

Evidence Al Qaeda ‘Received’ Information Published by WikiLeaks to Be Allowed During Bradley Manning’s Trial

By: Wednesday April 10, 2013 12:27 pm

In a significant ruling, the military judge in the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning has denied a motion by his defense to preclude evidence that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda “received” copies of information published by WikiLeaks. Judge Army Col. Denise Lind wholly rejected the arguments the defense had made that evidence involving receipt [...]

Bradley Manning’s Defense Opposes Government Presenting Evidence Bin Laden Had WikiLeaks Documents

By: Wednesday February 27, 2013 9:06 am

The soldier the United States military is prosecuting for releasing classified information to WikiLeaks, Pfc. Bradley Manning, faces twenty-two charges. The most significant charge, which carries the potential of life in prison without parole if he is convicted, is the “aiding the enemy” charge. Military prosecutors would like to present evidence that Al Qaeda leader [...]

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